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Mar 11, 2017


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Richard Beard

Thank you Mayor Cone! Although last nights UNC vs Duke game had the energy of an ACC tournament, many of the other games have been less than energized. I have enjoyed being in NYC this weekend but will choose another time to return rather than next year's ACC tournament.

I must say, Mr. Boeheim s comments have certainly helped GSO's position as the best place to host this championship. Now if we can just get our knucklehead legislators to repeal HB2 so we can get back to more important business and to showcase our great State and City again.

Roch Smith, Jr.

Does the transitive property of knuckleheadedness apply to those who made campaign contributions to the supporters of HB2?

G smith

What was more disappointing was watching a second round game (UNC -Miami) in a half empty gym. When was the last time either of those teams played in a half empty gym? Even the Syracuse fan i spoke to in the bathroom line was embarrassed by BoeheimS comments. Let's move back to GSO!

Ed Cone

And as has been pointed out on FB, NY media coverage has been underwhelming.

Harrison Turner

As evidenced by the under attended earlier games and the under reported event in New York press, the tournament should be played MOST of the time where MOST of the fans are and MOST of the media is engaged. Unfortunately, with our legislators lack of knowledge of "transgender" and unwillingness to work for the good of the state, we probably will not see it return soon.

john hayes

Can't touch this...played at least 2 yrs high school in NC
David Thompson
Dominique Wilkins
Michael Jordan
Pistol Pete
Steph Curry
Chris Paul
Bob McAdoo
Eric Sleepy Floyd
James Worthy
Danny Manning
Buck Williams
Brad Daugherty
Lou Hudson
Cornbread Maxwell
ML Carr
Antwan Jameson
Rodney Rodgers
Phil Ford
John Lucas
Bobby Jones
Tommy Burleson
Curly Neal

Ed Cone

John asked me to add a couple of names to his list: Walter Davis and Jerry Stackhouse.
And to build on the NY-to-NC connection mentioned above, just at UNC you could build a team around Kenny Smith, Danny Green, Charlie Scott, Larry Brown, and Mitch Kupchak...

Billy Jones

Seriously, I rebutted this before you wrote it. You've given us no reason why it is to the advantage of the ACC to remain in Greensboro">.

"For you see, my friends, as much as you dislike what I'm telling you, when Greensboro's leaders can give us reasons why Boeheim is wrong then we'll also have the reasons we need to keep the ACC tournament in Greensboro all the time and not have to share it with Atlanta or any other city."

But as you can see above, Ed Cone couldn't do it either.

Such is the problems of putting all of one's eggs in a single basket.

Ed Cone

I disagree that casual dismissals of a basketball coach's flippant remarks demand research and evidence, and as anyone paying attention to this well-worn topic knows, arguments on Greensboro's merits have been made many times in many places, but this brief rant does conclude with some actual reasons GSO should host: "North Carolina is the geographic center of the conference, and has more schools in the league than any other state. Greensboro is a great host, and tradition matters..."

Billy Jones

Ed Cone, you disagree, but like Greensboro's leaders can give us the reasons we need to keep the ACC tournament in Greensboro all the time and not have to share it with Atlanta or any other city.

You've fallen short. You see I've already rebutted that too:

"Well if HB 2 has taught us anything, it's that  rhetoric, fan loyalty, and lame excuses will not save Greensboro from economic ruin. The Greensboro Coliseum and downtown performing arts center could sell out 365 events a year and the rest of the city could still starve to death. Don't believe me? Ford Field in Detroit (Founded just 15 years ago)  is currently doing a $100 Million Dollar upgrade while the City of Detroit rots away around it.)"

I like Rabbits

I'm decades ahead of you, Eddie.

Billy Jones


Ed Cone

If you see Biff Tannen, tell him I say hi

Billy Jones

Sorry Ed Cone, you're still confused, I'm living in 2017, you're still in 1955: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biff_Tannen

And Biff never made it past 2015.

Jonathan Jones

@John Hayes

Indiana can touch that:

Oscar Robertson
Larry Bird
Shawn Kemp
Glenn Robinson
George McGinnis
John Wooden
Greg Oden
Kent Benson
Rick Fox
Eric Gordon
Slick Leonard
Zach Randolph
The Van Arsdale twins
Jeff Teague
Calbert Cheaney
Alan Henderson
Eric Montross
Vic Bubas
Bryce Drew
Sean May
Damon Bailey
Steve Alford
The Zeller brothers
The Plumlee brothers

Ed Cone

add Brendan Haywood to the GSO team.
that Indiana team is impressive, Big O and Larry Joe especially...

Ed Cone

UNC national champs. 3 starters from North Carolina, including Theo Pinson from Greensboro.


Agreed, it should be here but not until we get our politics right. No candy till you eat your veggies.

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