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Mar 24, 2016


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Agreed. We've known who we were since we lost NC Amendment One.

I don't know if John Robinson's recent claim of victimhood is emblematic of those in power on the Left, but it sure ticked me off.

In his defense, his attitude seems to have been manufactured by our Overlords.


I am all for local control, freedom and liberty unless them there locals decide to do something that is counter to what I believe.



Ed Cone

A couple of commenters on FB have chimed in to say, But the internet is important. Yes it is. I'm trying to make a point explained to me long ago by a true pioneer of online activism. This is from a 2003 article I wrote on the Dean campaign:

Zephyr Teachout sits at her computer in a dimly lit nook of the Dean for America headquarters in South Burlington, VT, and dreams of the real world. "I'm obsessed with offline,'' says the director of Internet organizing for the Howard Dean presidential campaign...

...for Teachout, a 31-year-old lawyer in black high-top sneakers, the campaign is not about the Internet. Online tools are a way to get people to act -- to meet in the physical world, to put up flyers and posters, write letters and checks, speak to other people face to face. And ultimately, to get out and vote. "The Internet is moving from information technology to organizing technology," she says...

Andrew Brod

To your point, from Charlie Pierce: "...and also thanks to an electorate that damned well should have known better..."

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