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Apr 13, 2015


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Danny Wright

Odd that I would stop by here today for the first time in over a year -- wondering if you had come back to this. Appropriate that I feel a sense of this transience after living there for 37 years (outside of college) and having been gone for the last 7. It's a fine city, and not a week passes that I don't feel like I will one day come back to live there. Hell, even my dad -- who walked away from his family in 1979 and then went to parts east from that point forward -- intends to be buried in Green Hill cemetery when all is said and done.

Greensboro has a pull that I think is most felt in the spring. I am convinced there is no place more beautiful this time of year.

Hope you are well.

- From the Music City

Ed Cone

Good to hear from you, Danny.

The rest of the essay is about the pull of the past and the challenge of allowing things we love to change so they can continue to grow and prosper, without losing the things we liked in the first place.


Sorry, but this bullshit cannot stand unopposed. I don't know about transience and will never put down $16 to find out what you and the rest of our literary luminaries actual wrote, but IMHO Greensboro is a great place:

- to suffer from hay fever
- to find a bad restaurant
- to find a broken business model
- to endure maddeningly stupid GOP fascists who've hooked up with local zionists
- to witness record income inequality
- to see some of the most ineffectual elected officials imaginable
- to suffer preening worthless media
- to witness idiotic property developers
- to witness a never-ending revolving door of public/private partnerships

In short, I fucking despise Greensboro and can't wait to put it in my rear view once and for all.



Ed Cone

Your POV would have added something valuable to the collection, Fec. Should you ever write an essay on the topic, I would consider publishing it here.


Thanks, but I have a blog.

john hayes

I thought this blog was officially retired/defunct when there was no Dean Smith post...

Ed Cone

I still use this blog to store some things and (hopefully, eventually) will write or post some longer things here.

But on things that are well covered elsewhere and to which I have nothing of substance to add --even Dean and other topics that mean a ton to me--I'm done. The zeitgeist does not need me, and I do not need it.

Bill Bush

I was glad to find this. The older I get, the truer I find the idea you included in your comment about having change without losing what we treasure. A quotation that applies: We do not see things as they are, but as we are. I think it is from Anais Nin.

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