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Feb 03, 2015


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I'm still confused as to what, after this being analyzed to death for the last thirty five years, is left to understand or reconcile?

Ed Cone

When a sitting council member says what Barber said, to choose just one example, there seems to be a need for additional understanding and reconciliation.

Read, if you will, the column linked above as "changed my own POV." It took me a long time to get there.


I think Mike Barber is right, although his point was clumsily made, we as a people and community need to move on. I think everyone is in agreement that we would never want to this to happen again. But people need to take responsibility for their actions. The former CWP members and Nelson Johnson need to take responsibility that maybe just maybe they brought this on themselves.What were they doing staging a rally like this in a residential area Yes the GPD command structure made some bad decisions, they were too passive in their tactics. As I've said before, Greensboro as a city is no more responsible for this than Dallas is for JFK's murder or Memphis for MLK's. This constant wallowing in the sins of our past is killing our city. Portraying Greensboro as a hot bed of racism and hate damages all our citizens regardless of ethnicity.


"What were they doing staging a rally like this in a residential area?"

The GPD gave them a permit. Care to rethink your absolution of them? And, are you aware of who has or has not taken responsibility?

This is one of the good reasons why we don't need to "just move on" (a false choice, as if we can't move forward and look back too -- we're not cyclopeses): People have such strong opinions so firmly planted in ignorance.

Ed Cone

I agree that people on all sides should take responsibility for their actions (2006 column: Survivors of shooting could be first to apologize).

That said, "they brought this on themselves" is too broad a statement and absolves the killers of responsibility.

Thus the political argument over the use of "massacre" on the sign.

Don Moore

Ed, since the City Council has already voted, I am disappointed that you only wrote after the vote.

Roch, I thought that the permit was for a different location, thus the "88 Seconds".


Everyone is responsible for the bad decisions they made on that day. I'm not absolving either side. I'm just saying how long do we as a city flog ourselves over this tragic event? This is a markedly different city socially and politically than when this event happened.


Don, see page 151.


Chapel Hlll Masacre

Andrew Brod

"How long do we as a city flog ourselves over this tragic event?"

Calm down. It's a marker, not an S&M orgy.

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