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Oct 06, 2014


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W.E. Heasley

“Supreme Court decision trickles down to NC …”.

“….Vote in favor of this basic recognition of human and civil rights.”

Upon further review, marriage was never a right of state until politicos through the mechanism of government wanted marriage to be the right of state. It started with a “marriage license” as a tax revenue measure. Of course like all notional political propositions it became larger than life.

Hence marriage is not the purview of the Supreme Court nor a civil right….unless one believes manmade legislation, created by a stroke of a pen of politicos, is indeed “law”…..which happens to be your implicit assumption, Mr. Cone. One might want to note that law is not legislation nor is legislation, law. (1)

Maybe, just maybe repeal, by another stoke of a pen, all marriage legislation and have marriage dealt with as it was before Big Brother decided the rules. Yes, before the politico legislation, people merely got married, end of story.

Your answer to the problem Mr. Cone: More state and more legislation regarding state sanctioned marriage. Very nice indeed!

(1) http://www.amazon.com/Law-Legislation-Liberty-Rules-Order/dp/0226320863/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1412620818&sr=1-2&keywords=law+legislation+and+liberty

Ed Cone

We've had this conversation before, Bill.

As I said last time, when I refer to manmade legislation as "law" I am relying upon the obscure definition of the word outlined by Article 1, Section 7 of the Constitution of the United States ("...it shall become a law").

So, yeah, this blog and this country understand "law" differently than you do.

ginia zenke

Re: "Gotta keep things fresh" - Too Funny! Best Wishes for Happy Additional Nuptials!

Ian McDowell

Since it's not something he can blame on Obama, who notoriously waffled on it, OSC isn't going to go all Minute Man about it. If Obama, Clinton or Reagan had vigorously supported it, he'd be against it to his dying day. If Nixon or Bush had supported, he wouldn't voice a peep.

Ed Cone

Nah, I think his opposition is genuine and deeply held, not just political.

And for that reason I regret calling him out again in this post.

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