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Sep 12, 2014


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Andrew Brod

I'd say the news here is that there exists a town in North Carolina called Marvin. The income stats, not so much. Some town had to be the richest in the state.

It's also not surprising that the richest town is a small one. I'll bet every single town on that U.S. map is a small enclave. The few I know of are. For example, Kenilworth, IL, is much smaller than Marvin.

Ed Cone

I thought the same thing about tiny towns, but some of the names on the list (Scarsdale, Darien) are not that small (20k range).

Andrew Brod

It might be fun to run a quick little statistical model in which median household income in these towns (Y) is related to both town population (X1) and the median household income in the relevant state (X2). Of course X2 is directly correlated with Y, but I'll bet that X1 is inversely correlated with Y.

Yes, that's my idea of fun.

john hayes

Coldstream, Ohio? WTF?

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