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Aug 19, 2014


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Old folks reading the obits is what is keeping most local newspapers alive.

I took some polls at Shepard's Center, and that was the consensus for paying for the paper.

When the generation who doesn't know how to look up who died, dies, which is relatively happening now, the newspaper industry may very well go with them.

So why would Warren Buffet want to get into a dying business?

Control of current message seems to be the biggest answer, as what the tv news reports of any detail is usually a function of what the local paper of record recently published.

Ed Cone

From the link: "Newsroom humor long ago re-labelled the Obituary column ‘Subscriber Countdown.'"

Not sure I see it in quite so ominous terms as "control of message," but surely publishers have always enjoyed owning the soapbox.

In terms of the media foodchain, for more than a decade the path from paper to tv has started with news online.


With the execrable perpetuation of the Ukrainian false narrative on behalf of the neocons, the demise of the MSM cannot come soon enough for some of us.


And let's anger non-subscribers by sending me an email blast advertising furs. That is some good target marketing.

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