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Aug 25, 2014


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Michael Picarelli

I have no plans to be silent.
Michael A Picarelli

Al DeCarlo

It is ridiculous.
Al DeCarlo

Rosalyn Marhatta

I agree that opinions should not be printed when the facts are incorrect.

People may have an opinion but without facts to back it up, it's rumor. We know what rumor does. It spreads lies and causes harm.

We have laws about shouting "fire" in a building when there is no fire. And see how fast you get arrested in an airport if you even mention the word bomb.

You are entitled to your opinion, but a newspaper is bound by the truth and must honor that.

Ronnie Grabon

I agree. Even opinion letters must be factually correct or have a line beneath indicating the correct information.
Ronnie Grabon

David Craft

David B. Craft

Without editing the letter, mention at the bottom, in italics, pertinent information correcting or clarifying the letter.

Doug H

Douglas A Hofer

Long-time lurker here, but this gets me out of lurking. When the ability to comment was started, it was at a time when I started learning and becoming more engaged in the issues of the day. Now, however, it's a low-level mud-sling there.

I like David's suggestion.


Add me, please.


Add me.

I read this morning's letter about evolution and just shook my head in disbelief.

David Hoggard

Anthony Harrison

Dealing with LTE can be difficult. But it's not that hard to publish meaningful, accurate opinions and sort out the crazy talk.

Anthony Harrison
Former Opinion Section Editor, The Guilfordian.

Ann Nash

I agree. Falsehoods have no place here.

H Jimison

Add me.

Gwen Gosney Erickson

Well said. I'll sign my name to that.

Ashley F. Wall

I agree. Ashley F. Wall


George Hartzman

Richard Yarbrough

I'm in, as well.

Richard L. Yarbrough

Dale Edwards

Dale Edwards

David Wharton

In today's LTEs we read, "Early colonists did not want a 'state church'". LOL.

But I have a question: should your principle apply to opinion columns as well? For example, Leonard Pitts recently misstated Charles Murray's conclusions in The Bell Curve. Should the editors correct or comment on things like that as well -- and do they have the resources to do so?


Light the Wet Fart.

Marylin Karmel

One is entitled to his or her own opinion; but not to his or her own FACTS. Marylin Karmel

David Bulluck

I agree, Ed.


@David Wharton: I think the better idea there is to contact the source, i.e., the syndicate or the writer's home base (in Pitts's case, the Miami Herald). But if THEY won't fact-check their columnists (and George Freaking Will is living proof that they won't), I don't see why it should be the N&R's responsibility.

Andrew Brod

Though you'd like to think that the N&R would stop running a columnist who's a serial offender in that regard.

Tim Warmath

I'm in!

Tom Lassiter

So, the letter hit newsprint today. What a ludicrous editor's note/response.


"Occasionally not all inaccuracies are caught."

Like when the letter is written by Gary Marschall.

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