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Jul 14, 2014


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Expect it to be noted no where.


Congrats to Walker. NCD6 gets a soul.


It's hard not to play.

Jeffrey Sykes

Good calls by Roch and George. I felt that Walker had a shot, but truly believed the money and structure would carry the day for Berger Jr. I heard over and over last night from well-connected pols that the negativity from Berger over the immigration really backfired on him. Given the strange case of Eric Cantor, I again felt the immigration smear would hurt Walker. In this case it seems that Walker gained strength as the attacks increased and Berger's flaws became more visible as the campaign wore on.

Another interesting thing is the parallels between this race and the 11th District race where an evangelical triumphed over the DA from Burke County back in 2012. As in Berger's case, the DA there had the establishment, the polish and the money but failed to energize voters when it mattered.

I also think some state legislature jockeying is at play here and that Berger Sr. may see a serious challenge in the next election cycle for his state senate seat.

David Wharton

This should be a heartening result for those who worry a lot about the power of money and super PACs to "buy elections".

Anecdotal: on election day, the digital billboards on Battleground were 100% Berger Jr. The yard signs on N. Elam were 100% Walker.


Obama brought a new time of campaign to the scene: grassroots and data driven. Others are starting to get it. Some, in their arrogance, inertia and/or lack of inquisitiveness are ignoring opportunities to deploy it at their own peril.


"type" not time.


The charter school issue not reported before the Walker Berger election


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