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May 02, 2014


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From the link;

"in 2013-2014 the NC Chamber IE group has received $425,000 from nine corporate entities: Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina..."

Which does a great deal of business with Moses Cone, which you are a board member of Ed.

Why would the health industry want to fund "perhaps the most despicable political advertisement ever aired in the state." Ed, who represents the health industry?

Ed Cone

In this forum I speak only for myself, George. The part of my post you mention reflects my general concern with corporate influence and a specific distaste for the ad funded by the companies on that list.

Also, payers (e.g. BCBS) and providers (e.g., Cone Health) play distinct and often contentious roles in the healthcare industry, which contains multitudes; I couldn't speak for the industry if I tried.

And I'm sure a lot of people who do business with the companies on that list -- and probably plenty of people within the companies -- find that ad to be awful.


The money's probably safe so long as Hyde doesn't try to open another restaurant.


Or hold a raffle...


The best part:

"Given Justice for All NC's recent ads about "child predators," it's perhaps ironic that Hyde's bid for local GOP chair was derailed in part over controversy stemming from reports that Hyde's close political associate had been convicted of taking indecent liberties with a minor in 1995."

Andrew Brod

Round 1 to Hudson: She wasn't disappeared by the Hyde-co-directed spending.

But Justice For All will get another shot in November when Hudson faces JFA's fave, Levinson.

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