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May 12, 2014


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Andrew Brod

Wasn't Walker the plaintiffs' pastor? If so, the lawsuit just inched a tad closer to him.

Even so, will GOP primary voters care?


Congrats, Doc. That's the gambit.


Sykes has all the links regarding Adkins' strip clubs that appeared on my blog. This has been related to Coleman. Next week is the interview. If the plaintiffs do not capitulate, then we publish the links. The shock and awe of pain and suffering we are prepared to inflict upon the plaintiffs is really quite unimaginable.


It is important to understand the same bloggers who sent me those links in the first place are busily scouring the databases for recent dirt, of which there is much. Much like the original hilariouis self-outing of Riddleberger, the turnips will cause the strip clubs to finally become public knowledge. Now that we finally have the ear of the media, we are prepared to optimize that momentum.

Fecund Stench has never been just one person.


Indeed, I submit it was those now dead links which really precipitated the lawsuit.


And all they had to do was ask me to take them down.


The strip club associations first came to light 3 years ago at C4GC member Dr. Guarino's blog, let us remember, and should have been worthy of News & Record coverage then because of the proprietor's contributions to a city council candidate. They passed.

To the extent this suit fits nicely into the he said/she said format on which the News & Record prides itself, I'm sure they'll make hay. I guarandamntee you though they will not dare to research or report on the empirical record that would bring veracity or refute any claims.


I need to stock up on popcorn.


The Plotthound picked this up, front and center. Linked to the Yes! article and Ed.


Billy Packer Voice: "Statewide, baybee!"


Firstly, thanks for the coverage Mr, Cone as it was my connection to why I found Fec's site down on my daily read.

Is statewide coverage enough, as I have some idea's mulling in my head ?

I will keep tuned.


So according to Fec they settled. Too bad. I think a counter suit or discovery would've been very revealing.

Ed Cone

Hard to argue with him for settling, but it would have been nice to just crush the case completely, as I believe would have been the outcome.

How long til the first ads about Mark Walker's $$ support of CFGC appear?

Andrew Brod

"According to Fec"? Where?

Regardless, it settled already? Well, that's no fun.




For obvious reasons, I'd say. Pious self-righteous Christians with a taste for porn tend to play poorly in the public arena.


Darn. I was wanting to see what ensembles the C4GC ladies would wear to court.

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