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Apr 26, 2014


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RLF communications marketing effort was abysmal for bringing google fiber to Greensboro wasting plenty of taxpayers money in the process especially dressing up some blobs to run around the ACC tournament.

Ed Cone

Yep. That was not the best part of our plan.

If you go back through the GoogleFi posts I linked, you can see I was not a fan of the stunts and PR. What we did pretty well was show community interest and also benefits to GOOG, e.g., location, demographics, infrastructure etc.


Ed, I'm not so sure this AT&T thing isn't all hype. When Gigaom, Arstechnica, and DSLReports all call it a "big fat bluff," then I'd be skeptical this is "the" answer to any city's broadband infrastructure.

Ed Cone

If it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. Better to be ready if it does, and to demonstrate again our strong interest in becoming a fast-service city. The critiques I've seen - e.g., Austin isn't running at a gig yet! maybe AT&T won't come! -- are not arguments against GSO being proactive. Winston and Raleigh are getting this, it would be bad to get left behind.

David Wharton

This story suggests that we'll be getting some kind of high speed internet in the next few years.

Ed Cone

Everyone will have it eventually.

GSO missed the chance to get ahead of the curve. Now the goal is to avoid being a laggard.

Billy Jones

The plan is that Madam Mayor was attempting to garner herself some positive PR on the back of the AT&T announcement that they were going to do something in Greensboro that had absolutely nothing to do with Nancy Barakat Vaughan and would have happened if Mickey Mouse or Ed Cone's dog were mayor of Greensboro.

That's the plan.

PR, the favored tool of do nothing politicians everywhere. Remember how she blew the PR piece on incentives? The entire article was proven wrong and continues to be proven wrong today.

Ed Cone

Yeah, and then she kicked a puppy.

But I'm actually interested in the plan going forward.

Billy Jones

There is no plan going forward Ed. Nothing, nada, zip. The PR hacks simply saw the announcement as some good news they could attach Madam Mayor's name to and now you're hearing nothing about a plan because there is no plan. Mayor Vaughan and City staff had nothing to do with AT&T's decision to pick Greensboro. Nancy learned about it from a press release and the City PR staff took over from there.

You say she kicked a puppy? My sources missed that one.

It's called PR BS, the mark of every do nothing, failed politrickster.


North Carolina company RST Fiber recently activated a super-fast internet backbone with the goal of providing broadband services to new customers in the state.

I blogged about it as an open letter to Mayor Vaughan, sent her a link to it and encouraged her to take some initiative in contacting RST as a liaison for our city. She did not respond.

About RST's new endeavor:

RST Fiber is laying claim to being the first privately-owned company in the nation to fire up a 100-gigabit backbone network using carrier-grade IPv6.

The 3,100-mile underground network, which is supplemented by Wi-Fi, stretches across RST Fiber’s home state of North Carolina. RST Fiber said the symmetrical broadband service would be offered to businesses and residential subscribers in both rural and metropolitan areas.

RST Fiber has big plans in store for the network. In addition to broadband, services will also include uncompressed 4K television; VoIP; online education; telemedicine; HD video security/surveillance; a la carte movies and programming; smart grid connectivity/transport; and “countless emerging new technologies.” Video and television services are slated to launch by the end of the second quarter.

Billy Jones

Like Roch's post now makes clear, Nancy has no plan, it's all PR BS. Another failed politrickster depending on the broken machine.

Ed Cone

Roch, do you know if she (or someone from the City) contacted RST?


You'd have to ask the mayor that. As I said, she did not respond to me.


imagine that

Billy Jones

Madam Mayor respond? Then she might be quoted. Then she might be held responsible. And we can't have Madam Mayor being held responsible now can we?

After all, I've already posted so many screen grabs of her lies that I can't even remember them all and I've still got more I've yet to post.

Ben Holder

Billy got quoted. Billy got proven wrong. Billy didn't acknowledge that. Billy tells so many lies he cant remember them all and he still has more that he is going to post. Billy respond?


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