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Apr 21, 2014


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ACA is yours in this race no matter what, Kay. Owning it is good politics, and good GOTV fodder for the liberal wing of your party.

Or she could attempt to use the ACA as a cudgel against Thom Tillis. Perhaps in an attempt to cause political damage to Tillis she could falsely claim that Tillis supports the ACA.

What am I saying ... she already did.


Ed Cone

Brannon is doing the same cudgel thing to Tillis.

There was a Daily Show (iirc) segment that showed Romney's GOP rivals making the same arguments against him that Obama later used. Hagan is no doubt hoping for a long tough GOP run-off campaign in which Tillis takes serious abuse, spends heavily, and is forced rightward.

Bob Grenier

Ed Cone's specialty is putting lipstick on the pig, and declaring that everything will work out OK for the good guys if they double down on their disasters.

King William

After seeing this, I went to Hagan's campaign site to see what she is saying about Obamacare. Nothing.

An algorithm that assumes this moderate corporatist has some kind of organic base is flawed. Hagan is in trouble not because she might not reach her base, but because she has no base to ping. Her hopes rest with the Republican being too far to the right (in reality or perception).

Ed Cone

Yep. See my recent milk carton post.

Her hopes rest with the Republican being too far to the right (in reality or perception)

Her hopes rest on painting the American virtue of dissent as unAmerican and the ACA's unAmerican nature as palatable despite its lack of American "DNA".

We already hear this meme from Reid and other Democrats who attempt to conflate limited government sensibilities with a limited America or they would have the uneducated believe ... unAmericanism. Never mind that limited government is an American virtue hard written in the Constitution and that Democrats are themselves unAmerican for working against the American virtue of small government/big citizen.

Ed Cone

Not to repeat myself too often, but the point I've been trying to make is that her hope is convincing North Carolinians that the ACA is working OK and that repair is a much superior option to repeal.


So the ACA is "working", but in need of "repair".

The ACA seems to be redefining the term working.

Not much on which Hagan may hang a campaign. Nothing at all really.

Andrew Brod

I don't think it is in need of repair. The ACA is actually rather simple in conception, with three main elements (community rating, individual mandate, premium subsidies), and so far all three are working pretty well. No doubt some tweaks will be needed, but I think all Ed was saying was that repair is a more responsible option at this point than repeal.

As for Hagan's campaign, perhaps you're right. I haven't seen anyone here predict a Hagan victory, just opine that she has no choice but to employ a strongly pro-ACA campaign strategy. Maybe it won't work.


Andrew, define "working pretty well."

We're hearing a lot about the 7.5 million people who signed up. What does that actually mean? Are people actually paying for their insurance now? Did these people have insurance before? How many actually had their policies cancelled by the new regs in the ACA? How many are in that magic young adult demo?

Even if all of the answers above are affirmative to the ACA (as I'm sure you can find/massage/tweak it to fit your narrative) how do we really know it's working? How much evidence is in yet? How much money are people saving? Is it the $2500 that Mr. Obama promised? Are people able to keep their doctor (PERIOD) like Mr. Obama promised?

And I'll save you some time; I do not "want Obamacare to fail" (quote unquote). I do not "want to go back to the way things were before."

I'm just looking for some reality among the three B's that are guiding the ACA proponents; said three B's being "balloons, bunting and bullshit."

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