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Feb 16, 2014


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My basic problem with respect to the "polished ad" is I am sick and tired of hearing what is not working or won't work but no alternative to offer in place of a broken system. I have participated in group health insurance since 1981. The cost increases, employer premium increases, employee benefit reductions, plan changes have been a consistent trend. 30 + years of in depth knowledge and experience tells me what we have is broken - do something. We can't go back to the good old system because it was not working for a lot of people. It's too bad that change is so difficult but it appears it is moving our health care cost trends in a better direction and bringing more into a position to participate.

Ed Cone

Even the polished ad with the sad lady tacitly acknowledges that the status quo ante was not sustainable -- "It just doesn't work" implies that there's a problem to fixed. Same with this one: If Obamacare is not the answer, there must be a question. And of course Burr/Coburn/Hatch is explicit in this acknowledgement.

ACA may not be the full or fully-correct answer, but at least it's forced us to focus on the complexities and inadequacies of our healthcare system. Repeal alone is a dead issue, and that alone is progress.

Jim Buie

Repeal alone of the ACA is certainly not a dead issue with the Tea Party, or perhaps with a majority of Republicans. Any Republican congressional or Senate candidate who says he's against repeal of the ACA and favors a compromise of the sort Burr is proposing, I surmise, is in danger of losing the party nomination. Therein lies the vulnerability of Republican candidates this year. If they run on repealing the ACA and no-immigration-reform-ever, they will likely lose moderates in their own party and independents. If they run on mending, not ending, the ACA, and support an immigration compromise, they could lose the enthusiasm of their party's base, which loathes the ACA and proposed immigration reform.

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