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Jan 29, 2014


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Bill Bush

Republican Representative Rogers' SOTU response last night was more graceful (if substance-free) than any words I've ever heard from Tillis. That ad you mentioned skillfully combines the gracefulness with some Koch disinformation. Kaye Hagan better reach out clearly and forcefully to the people who will pull her across the line: progressives, quiet Democrats, people who see facts, people finding themselves insured, and people finding themselves penetrated by elongated spiral-threaded metal fasteners. That is a pretty big total number. How long can Kaye let the Koch money drive the campaign with no hard-hitting response? She needs to get in front of a hospital with a family bankrupted by medical bills and explain that it could happen to any of us, especially when insurance companies spent less than 80% of premiums on medical care.

Peggy Hickle

Unfortunately, Kay will not only be held accountable for all the glitches in the implementation of the ACA nationally, but for the fact that Blue Cross Blue Shield is virtually the only provider willing to take on NC, which means that if you don't qualify for subsidies, you were no better off than you were before. From what I hear, other providers just don't even want to deal with NC, which means no free market competition. That being said, I am one of the grateful who qualified for subsidies and now has insurance for the first time in 12 years. And while I know this is a many-sided issue, I'm not complaining about the tech obstacles I had to overcome to finally have insurance. Although, I would be happier if BCBS would get their issues straightened out and send me my insurance cards. Guess they weren't even expecting the robust enrollment scenario.


If Burr can basically ACA light, there is hope.


If Burr can support ACA Light, there is hope.


I'm still amazed at the idiots that rail against the ACA and keep claiming that the current system is maintainable. Gee, I've had my insurance premiums go up how many times, the office copays go up how many times, the drug copays go up three times just in one year (last year, I'm not sure what I'm going to see this year!) all in the past ten years, and you think the system is maintainable?? Any and all raises that I've seen haven't even begun to cover the increases in the insurance premiums, let alone the other copays! Sheer insanity!

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