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Jan 08, 2014


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Welcome back?




What, no "Hey, it's me. I'm back!"?

Margaret Moffett Banks

Yay. Now we just need to bring back Nerd Up.

Bill Bush

I'm taking the Honda news as second best to seeing you here, even if just for the day. Good Morning!

Robby Hassell

Welcome back, indeed. Your posts, however frequent in the present and future, consistently encourage further analysis and discussion (hopefully, of the healthy sort). Your prescient and detailed insight proves yet again that yours is a voice of thoughtful leadership which continues to contribute significantly to our community, on- or off-line.


Good insights, and good to see you again, as it were.

Quasi-relatedly, you talked about the importance of good political leadership. In my time here (27 years in April), I cannot recall as much community leadership turnover in as short a time as we have seen recently. We have ditched three mayors in a row after one term, we just had significant turnover on the City Council, we're going to be on our third city manager in four years, we have a new county manager, and the 13th, 6th, and 12th congressional districts all will have changed hands by November after a decade or more of stability in each. And that's just in the public sector; I can't even begin to list all of the private-sector turnover of late (although April Harris's departure from Action Greensboro comes to mind). What's your take on what all this turnover will mean for coordinated action toward the kind of loca economic development you envision?

Ed Cone

I don't know what the turnover means, Lex, but it could be a net positive. Robbie was tuned in to this stuff but I think Nancy can do good work too. The GC commissioners seem practical. Zack would do a good job on this if elected. Not sure where the vision comes from, but smart folks like Ed Kitchen are doing good work behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, if HondaJet soars -- and if assets like the nanotech park and GTCC pay off -- the old regime will look pretty smart in retrospect.

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