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Mar 14, 2013


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Robby Hassell

I would echo Hogg, Dr. Wharton, Doug, and others. Thanks, Ed. (This one's on the record!)


Twelve years is a good run, Ed...i was glad to partake off and on over the last 5 years. Strangely enough it remained one of the few places local ideas/politics were seriously debated. Your tolerance for free-flowing and often heated debates has been more than commendable. There is a need for that space and you filled in swimmingly. Not sure where that may occur now, but hoping it does. Thanks for introducing Luna and yourself to me when I was across the hall...a small moment which lead to me spending way too much time here. So, I reckon I will enjoy the break too. Be well, walk more, write often and carry on...you have much to contribute wherever you choose that to be next.

Jim Gerken

Got to say, I'm disappointed...Always looked here first for Greensboro happenings
Hope to see you back in the near future.. Best regards Jim

Jim Buie

Thanks, Ed, for giving me a regular dose of home (North Carolina) news and opinion while I've been living far away in the Middle East.

I do think this is a seminal moment in which some of the blogging pioneers are giving up the ghost now that Facebook and Twitter have changed the landscape.

AndrewSullivan.com is trying to make it financially as a fully independent blog financed solely by loyal readers who pay $19.99 a year.

Maybe once you return from a break, you can offer ebook (tablet/Kindle) downloads for what, 99 cents, or $9.99, so that you are finally compensated for all your hard work.
Then it would be worth your while to continue.

Here's wishing you all the best.


Thanks for this for all these years.

How will I keep up with hometown and homey? Now I'll have to work at.

By the way, I think that the format of this blog - driven by comments/dialogue - has been very effective. Less monolithic and more inviting. Besides being interesting, it's been innovative at the formal level, dawg.

Ginia Zenke

Thanks so much for all you have done for this community. I hope someone picks up the template you've created to keep the discussion going, because its needed.
We'll miss you and how well you managed the tone of all the content on your blog.

Jim Buie

Blogs are like the monster in the basement in Little Shop of Horrors" screaming "feed me, feed me." If the blog publisher doesn't post content routinely, readers rapidly lose the habit of checking in. Few bloggers have Ed's dedication, and haven't created the kind of community apparent here. But if Ed takes a long hiatus, this asset in essence dies, because readers move on to other things after they've checked in numerous times here and nothing new is posted.

I would strongly recommend that Ed immediately institute at least one of two things to protect his asset:

-- set up an email list through mailchimp.com or some other free listserv service so readers can be notified by email when his blog is back in action;


-- appoint substitute blogger(s) who agree to post daily, to keep the community garden properly watered and weeded. Otherwise, it will die.

kirk ross

You're one of the good guys, Ed.
You'll be missed but I'm happy for you.


May the wind always be in your favor.

I appreciate your efforts over the years and have enjoyed your blog, it contributed to a better understanding of our community.

Brian Clarey

That's lame, dude. I'm speaking selfishly, of course. Love this blog and all you've given me to chew on over the years. This is the end of something.

Tony Wilkins

Nice write up today, Ed.

At least one more serenade:

Ed Cone

Said write-up here and if that does not work, here.

John Amberg

Appreciate all the great reads on your blog, Ed. Best wishes to you. Don't stay away too long.

David Boyd

You know it's killing you to not make a gay marriage post.

Ed Cone

Not so much, I've said what I have to say on that. It is gratifying to see the great progress on the issue, though.

The thing I miss blogging about is the HP Road/Lee Street renaming plan. Why? Changing the name without fixing the problems is lipstick on a pig, and fixing the problems means there's no need to change the historic name.

Marshall Eakes

At least you are consistent.

"Buffet also acquired four local blogs: the Troublemaker, Roch 101, Word Up and the East Greensboro Performing Arts Center blog."

Imagine that....

Good luck and congrats! What is next?


Tony Wilkins

Had thought about you on the HP Road name change. But realized- hey, he's not there anymore. Just so you know, my friend.
"without fixing the problem"? You do know there's more than $20M in street improvements and much more in investments coming to that corridor, right? And I'm sure you're aware of the many years of confusion saying. "no, I'm in Greensboro, it's just called High Point Road".
I agree with Zack that the timing is right for the change. At this point, I also favor "Gate City Boulevard".
One of Hammer's funniest lines I've read in describing out of town folks deciding to walk from the Sheraton to Stamey's- "No doubt most people would decide to take a cab back".


I guess no one is interested that you SOLD YOUR BLOG!!!


Steve Harrison

Dude! Enough already. Whether you're rolling in Buffet money or trying to convert Chelsea-ites to cargo shorts and Patagonia rainjackets, you're bound to be going through dilirium tremens over this lack of blogging.

I'm just saying. Sometimes if something feels good, it's okay to do it.

Ed Cone

Actually, after a couple of weeks of detox, my predominant reaction to news stories has been relief at not having to blog about them.

Steve Harrison

I hear that. Referring to recent developments in our state as "distasteful" is a gross understatement. Sometimes I wish I shared the lack of empathy that seems so predominant these days, but it's not something you can just turn a dial and adjust.


Did they buy the blogs to shut them down...no competition?


I miss me some edcone.com. Hope all is well.

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