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Jan 15, 2013


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Ender's Game is one of the best books I have read, as have my kids in school.

Great part when Ender ends up in Greensboro, NC which I believe is the lake past Carlson Farms.

I set out years ago to read many books that have won the Hugo Science Fiction award, and Ender's Game was on the list.

Ended up reading the whole series, which was excellent.

Most intriguing is the older brother and sister's involvement in setting the course of global politics on the internet which really didn't exist like that or at all at the time, via anonymous identities.

Ed Cone

EG has what may be the most widely-read depictions of GSO anywhere in popular culture. I wonder if GSO features in the movie.

Also wonder how all the philosophical stuff fits in to the movie.


"I don't care if I follow your rules,
if you can cheat, so can I.

I won't let you beat me unfairly,
I'll beat you unfairly first."

Ender Wiggin
Fictional Military Strategist


Ed, if OSC likes the movie, does that mean you must hate it?

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