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Jan 25, 2013


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Gerry Alfano

I have been impressed by the progress made by the group of Greensboro citizens who have taken on two major corporations: Duke Energy (the largest utility company in the USA)and Asplundh (the tree butchers who try to pass themselves as legitimate tree trimmers). When it all started last month, I thought the outcome would be the same as it had been in the past, i.e, Duke Energy would prevail. Fortunately, the city council stepped forward, listened, and promised action. We may actually get a good, strong tree ordinance. Duke Energy should have been less arrogant about trampling on private property rights (even John Hammer's). They don't have a lot of public support.

Anyone who is interested in following what is going on can go the the facebook page, "Greensboro Respects our Trees". Apparently, Duke Energy is sending Asplundh into Lindley Park next week.


This whole problem can be solved with a case of beer and a carton of cigs.

Nancy Vaughan

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever does” Margaret Mead

Patrick Eakes

Asplundh came on my company's property about 90 days ago and leveled a few trees that sat on the edge of our property. The trees were growing into a fence separating my company's property from our neighbor, but I was surprised they drove onto our property, set up shop, and started cutting - all without bothering to tell us they had arrived or what their plans were.

sal leone

I agree with Nancy Vaughan, a few can do a lot, look at the Marines, the few, the proud.

Ginia Zenke

You oughta see what they charge when moving houses is involved. Our duplex was stopped cold in Round 1 trying to get it to Greensboro College property down the easiest route possible - straight down Market Street. As it so happens Market is also a major electrical artery and they were going to charge us $152,000 for the privilege of making sure we stayed at least 15' off their lines.

We developed another route, taking the rear single story & front porch off, squeezing it down Spring, Spring Garden, Tate to Rankin (we were headed to the backside of the old YMCA) and saved a bundle staying off the main artery. It is always 6 weeks to get an answer from them about ANYTHING, such as "what time is it", invariably 6 weeks. So, by the time we had that plan worked out with estimates in hand, the economy dive was reaching out to one and all including Greensboro College, which had to back out because of the articles on their financial situation. If Duke had come in with a reasonable estimate and we had gotten it passed weeks earlier it would be sitting on Rankin Street today.

But its the attitude:
-Other cities have developed arteries that allow buildings to be moved easier within the city.
-Duke Power will not comp the rate (moving days are typically weekends which = time & 1/2) even for non-profit projects.
-They won't even BEGIN to get in-the-way or unsightly lines underground "It would cost MILLIONS to move all those lines" (Gee, will all these people out of work, what a perfect time to at least START with the worst cases)
-Ice storms are their feeding frenzy for employment; how many electric co trucks have you seen in the winter, up here from Florida and Georgia?
- And Rude? During a particularly bad ice storm, my friend's mother, with one of the oldest homes in Irving Park with a Camelia hedge 50' long & 15' high that was planted at least 100 years ago, witnessed them barge onto the backside of her property with several trucks and start cranking the chain saws. Fortunately, her son-in-law, who was NOT raised in Irving Park, drove up in his 4 wheel drive 3/4 ton dually club cab pick up truck with the filled gun rack minus the one in his hands in the window, and stopped them down before they could get their jollies.

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