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Jan 24, 2013


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Zevon's piano from this is also sampled in Kid Rock's "All Summer Long," as are pieces of "Sweet Home Alabama," which has the same chord progression.

I like "Excitable Boy" better, but picking a favorite Zevon song is about as hard as picking a favorite Stones song.

Andrew Brod

His hair was perfect.


Best alliteration ever: "A little old lady got mutilated late last night". Wish Zevon was still with us.


Aw, Warren, why'd ya hafta go?

(Been in London a lot. Seen many weird people, but no werewolves. As of yet.)


His ride was here.

Tony Wilkins

I've heard all the answers, but the questions remain.
Grab a hold of that fistful of rain.

Tony Wilkins

You've got an invalid haircut. It hurts when you smile. You'd better get out of town. Before your nickname expires.

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