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Jan 25, 2013


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Is this who Greensboro's City Council hired as a lobbyist?
"Pillsbury lawyers have influenced and shaped not just the law,
but the geopolitical landscape,
helping to set policy on everything from the environment
to securities reform and international banking regulations.

Among the firm's illustrious alumni are two Secretaries of State,
two Secretaries of War, an Assistant Secretary of Defense,
a Supreme Court Justice, and a Nobel Laureate.

Today, nearly 100 Pillsbury lawyers have held top positions
at various government and regulatory agencies,
including the DOJ, EPA, FAA, FERC, IRS, NOAA, SEC and USPTO,
as well as serving in Congress
and as senior White House staff and advisors."
Does Greensboro's new lobbyist specialize in eliminating American Jobs for thier corporate clients?

IAOP World's Best Outsourcing Advisors
The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP)
named Pillsbury to the 2011 list of World's Best Outsourcing Advisors.

2010 European Outsourcing Assn MultiSourcing Award
Pillsbury’s Sourcing practice was honored with an EOA award
for the Best Multi-sourcing Project of the Year
on behalf of client GlaxoSmithKline.
Why didn't the Greensboro News & Record reported on the Craig Saperstein, Pillsbury Law lobbyist campaign contributions for Robbie Perkins story?

If Greensboro's new federal lobbyist "represents clients in the energy, environmental, financial services, aviation, and health care sectors and provides counsel to clients involved in congressional investigations"...?

Has Pillsbury Law worked to increase NC taxpayer energy costs
for clients Duke Power and Progress Energy?

Has Pillsbury Law worked to eliminate NC jobs
by lobbying for clients Duke Power and Progress Energy's merger?

Who has Pillsbury Law counseled
"involved in congressional investigations"?

Has Pillsbury Law worked to increase health care costs
for NC taxpayers
by lobbying for pharma etc...clients?

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