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Jan 21, 2013


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David Wharton

Ackerman's piece was readable, though as plausible economics, it's about what you'd expect from a graduate student in history at Cornell: "What’s needed, then, is a socialization of finance" -- and not even a hint of irony!


A sober, alternative view.


Theil - "Indeed, the unique history of the West proves the exception to the rule that most human beings through the millennia have existed in a naturally brutal, unchanging, and impoverished state."

Yep. Only the West.

It helps, he said, “that liberals think we are relatively sane.”

Well, it is the heart that drives the hands of liberal politics and the mouths of our established media.

It should come as no surprise, then, that liberals embrace the heart of liberalism.


I don't listen to the noise coming from both sides of the aisle, but what exactly are the many examples of "socialism" that the right is mad as all Hell about? Is it the concept of "wealth redistribution?" Public schools? Simple solution - don't pay taxes and don't send your kids to public schools. The whole party line about "lower taxes" is nothing more than Socialist Lite. Go all in and stop being pussies. You don't even have to go to jail. You can live off the grid. There are plenty examples of right-wingers who did that in the past. Become a martyr for the fight against "socialism." Or, you could always go to the public library and read-up on Marx, but then again, it's "public" and tax-payer funded, so you're only feeding the virile beast that is.....SOCIALISM.....

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