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Dec 04, 2012


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tell marsh to keep on apologizing, that was pathetic


My mouth dropped to the floor when I saw the renderings and how much different it will be from War Memorial Auditorium. The design is 10 times better than the one that was thrown together for the Bellemeade site by Matt Brown. It's also a better design and has better use of technology than DPAC. It would be a shame if we let this opportunity slip away. Because if we do, it's going to slip away to Winston-Salem. A performing Arts Center takes Greensboro to the next level. It's another amenity that will enhance the community and help attract high paying white collar jobs to Greensboro.


"The beauty of the democratic systems of thought control
as contrasted with their clumsy totalitarian counterparts
is that they operate by subtly establishing on a voluntary basis
aided by the force of nationalism and media control by substantial interests

presuppositions that set the limits of debate
rather than by imposing beliefs with a bludgeon

Then let the debate rage

the more lively and vigorous it is
the better the propaganda system is served…

Those who do not accept the fundamental principles of state propaganda are simply excluded from the debate
(or if noticed, dismissed as "emotional," "irresponsible," etc…)"

Noam Chomsky


Limited Obligation Bonds are economic fascism.



no comments allowed.


The city should seek naming rights. That will help pick up some of the public portion of the funding. "company name" Centre for Performing Arts instead of GPAC.


Wilkins got ambushed tonight , which was bs but congrats to Councilman Tony Wilkins


Well, it wasn't B.S. as Tony admitted when he said he apologized. We all make mistakes. Tony made one with that pic (of Wells), it is out of character for him, I believe, and I expect he'll set higher standards for himself.

Andrew Brod

I don't know that he actually apologized. He used the standard politician's non-apology apology, saying he was sorry if anyone was offended. Perhaps he's issued a real apology in another venue and at another time, but what he issued last night was a conditional apology.


I believe Robbie Perkins should resign from the Republican party.


Build it? Yes. It is a good spot and demonstrates that there are people out there who know a lot more about these things than Matt Brown. So, why do we want the Coliseum to run the show at GPAC? (I second the vote for something other than GPAC as the name for this place.) I say put the operations out to open bid and let Matt bid and compete with others who may actually have a better idea of how to program and run a performing arts center and may even be able to do it for less. If the Coliseum is still part of the package AND it comes up for a public vote = a NO vote from me.

Curious about the final cost, though. $60 million previously included the cost of the land. Now that the land is not part of the equation, why is the price still $60 million? Did I miss something?


This would be a great thing for Greensboro (and Matt Brown isn't a bogie man for me), but they are going to have to get on the up an up on the money. Resident's won't approve it if there is a whiff of a snow job. Let's see the pledges, names and all. If they were, em, overstated, there is still a year to get there. Secrecy will kill it.


Well naming rights should be part of the deal. In 2005 Progress Energy purchased the naming rights for Raleigh's performing arts center. $7.5 million over a 20 year term.

(note Duke and Progress recently merged)

According to the task force, $20 million would come from donors, another $20 from user fees and hotel motel tax and the last $20 million would be publicly financed. A naming rights deal between $7 million and $10 million for 20 years would cut the public portion down to $10 to $13 million. And if the task force comes up with even more creative solutions, it could go down even more. I still don't know why naming rights have not been really talked about in the community. A number of companies with a presence in the Triad such as FedEx, BB&T and Lincoln Financial could be good candidates.


There goes the Robert V. Perkins, Jr. Performing Arts Center. How the mighty have fallen.


"$60 million previously included the cost of the land."

Plus $2 million for land already paid.

Plus the pavilion, which seems to not have been included in the total cost presented last night.

If there are more people who make more money around DPAC,
why are there 300 more seats?

Still have not seen a study on how long etc... traffic will take
to get in and out of downtown compared to DPAC,
which is next to a couple of highways.

Ever been in a parking deck
when everyone wants to get out at the same time?
The Coliseum angle may be important for those
including the Rhino, the N&R, WFMY and Yes Weekly
for the top brass gets free tickets to everything
in exchange for advertising.

Easy to get that kind of a deal
with so much money flowing thru a big operation like the Coliseum.

The less cash flow,
the less opportunity for the execs to take advantage of deals like that.

As I recall, Brady Trane got free tickets etc... for the Coliseum
in exchange for heating and air stuff,
as Louise Brady is the head of the task force
recommending the Coliseum run it.

I wonder if Matt runs it,
whether they get free tickets to the GPAC.

btw..., Louise and her father are friends of mine.


I don't think traffic will be an issue. The ballpark seats over 7,000, more than double the seating capacity and traffic hasn't been an issue with the ballpark.


I agree with Trudy Wade. Let the public decide. Put it up on a referendum. She's absolutely right. If this thing is as popular as Robbie Baby and his Amen Choir say it is, then the referendum should be a landslide in favor of the GPAC.

I'll most likely vote for it. But we need a lot more transparency from all involved including the mythical donors of the $20 million.


"I don't think traffic will be an issue."

Should there have been a study though?

Didn't we pay to have the study done?

The ballpark traffic is overwhelmingly local,
and very few use parking decks.

This looks like the opposite.

If we have people coming from a 65 mile or whatever radius,
what roads will they come in and out on,
and where will they most likely park?


Dont forget nights when there is a sold out ballgame, fireworks and sold out VF Performing Arts Center show. Certainly needs to be addressed. But folks find the Coliseum and GAC with little issue. Just a couple more turns... right.

Multiple bookings at Coliseum Complex causes issues with parking sometimes. So it is a legit issue.

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