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Dec 14, 2012


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And the second, more grave fallacy, is the thinking that exerting extreme control over users is the best way to maximize the profitability and sustainability of their networks.
- Anil

Anthropomorphizing 'the web' is of limited use. This is the use you employed in this post. So, to be clear, it has some value.

The quote I posted gets a bit, but not completely, closer to recognizing the dynamic of the monetizing the web, by definition, is objectifying people(users).

As one who also engages in this 'verbal shorthand' I'll note the truth of Anil's statement by wishing all who think of people primarily in terms of maximizing profits learn to search for better ways.

I expect it to be a long slog.

Those such as you and Anil and others such as Dave Winer for example, have your work cut out for you. I'm glad you all are doing the work, I just hope you can affect significant changes at the higher levels that is required to for long lasting improvements to result.

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