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Dec 11, 2012


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GSO has a huge opportunity to update our crumbling civic infrastructure and add a crucial element to downtown with one shot.

Let's not blow it, please.

Best quote I have seen so far.


With no established bond, private or city funding, we are in fact blowing it, despite the hopes of anonymous commenters. This deal is so bad it will fail without opposition.


Interesting to note the direction El Paso took and wonder if it would be instructive for Greensboro. Strategically, if they are going to go the route of bonds, better to package the PAC with other items that provide benefit beyond downtown - i.e., economic development bonds for east Greensboro and the airport, neighborhood park retrofits, money for implementing neighborhood plans. Note that they were packed as "quality of life" bonds. I doubt we have the stomach for the amount of money they sought, but it is another approach to look at.


Brian, are you suggesting misleading the public again?

"Downtown Greensboro needs a performing arts center, the sooner the better, and we don’t think the issue should go to a voter referendum. The decision is better left to the people we elected to take steward- ship of the city."

"Voters turned down a bond the aquatic center twice, before a sneaky city council couched it in a parks & recreation bond, creating distrust and ill will between city departments and among citizens."

"...We should add that we find Mayor Robbie Perkins’ zeal for this project to be off-putting and more than a little suspect — he is in the real estate business, after all."

"The naysayers already gather, online and elsewhere, with a plan to thwart this facility by vote, just as they have every time the city tries to do something great. This time we should shut them down before they have a chance to do it again."

Yes Weekly is with you Brian.

They say the Swim Center is a great success so far,
although it has already cost the city several million more.

The Swim Center may be a very nice appendage for the hotel and restaurant owners to profit from, but as we have recently found from the Grimsly High pool sit rep, the swim center will cost much more in the future to keep very nice and shiny.

What happens to privately owned downtown businesses be damned?

Does anyone even know what the annual loss projections are?

If we are going to jump in head first,
shouldn't we know how deep the water is before hand?


Where have I mislead the public before George? Don't worry, I won't hold my breath for a retraction. More obtuse questions coming in 3,2,1...

Andrew Brod

He still thinks that downtown businesses will be hurt by a PAC. It's hard to reason with that.

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