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Nov 02, 2012


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"Regulatory capture
occurs when a...regulatory agency created to act in the public interest
instead acts in favor of the commercial or special interests
that dominate in the industry or sector it is charged with regulating.

Regulatory capture is a form of government failure,
as it can act as an encouragement for large firms to produce negative externalities.

...regulatory capture occurs because groups or individuals
with a high-stakes interest in the outcome of policy or regulatory decisions
can be expected to focus their resources and energies
in attempting to gain the policy outcomes they prefer…

Regulatory capture refers to when this imbalance of focused resources
devoted to a particular policy outcome is successful at "capturing" influence
with the staff or commission members of the regulatory agency,
so that the preferred policy outcomes of the special interest are implemented.

...A captured regulatory agency that serves the interests of its invested patrons
with the power of the government behind it,
is often worse than no regulation whatsoever."

Regulatory Capture


Who is the Superintendent of Public Buildings
and Director of Engineering and Inspections?

The City of Greensboro is currently not enforcing the rental property agent of record part of the code.


Undefined amount of extensions from the Minimum Housing Standards Committee can give a property owner.

Isn't that the stacked board discussed a couple of weeks ago?

All other cities take pictures on the first visit, except Greensboro.

This is an atrocity.


"Until now, the major focus on housing inspections had involved the future model the city will use in place of the RUCO program, which had called for proactive inspections of all city rental property. But RUCO, which means Rental Unit Certificate of Occupancy, was scuttled in 2011 by ill-conceived legislation in Raleigh that made proactive inspections illegal across the state."

Robin Saul, Allen Johnson and Doug Clark
lie to the City of Greensboro once again.

Greensboro's Robbie Perkins and TREBIC's Marlene Sanford helped eliminate RUCO for the whole state, except for the two counties that received exceptions. The exceptions went to the state's two largest cities. The third largest city promoted the legislation. Robbie Perkins is directly responsible.

Will Ed Cone chime in after writing 15 plus posts on RUCO?

Not yet, but some are hoping so, as others continue to profit from Ed's silence.

Where is Roch on this?

We live in a city whose paper of record can't seem to report the truth.

Where are you Ed?


Robbie Perkin's campaign money came from those who wanted RUCO
the rental law that was eliminated with illegal lobbying at the state level
on the part of Marlene Sanford's TREBIC,
which Robbie Perkins and the Greensboro Partnership funds.

The Greensboro Parntership receives public money.

City Manager Denise Turner Roth was a Greensboro Partnership lobbyist.

The City of Greensboro funds the Greensboro Partnership.

The Greensboro Partnership helps fund TREBIC.

Therefore, public money was used to harm poor renters in Greensboro
from money passed through the Partnership's ex-lobbyist to TREBIC.

TREBIC is Robbie Perkins, who acted to limit the ordinance in 2008.

Charlotte and Raleigh got exemptions from the law
but Greensboro didn't.

Therefore Robbie paid to have RUCO dismantled at the state level,
while he touts what a good program it "was" after he didn't lift a finger to save it,
as he disingenuously courted voters by convincing them of the opposite.

Mr. Perkins lied to renters of the City of Greensboro about his support of RUCO,
illegally funded the outfit that got the ordinance eliminated
by deducting his donations to TREBIC for lobbying,
voted to limit rental inspections
and the News & Record and Ed Cone won't report it.
"Perkins says the RUCO board voted 6 to 5
against sending a letter to the mayor
urging the city to oppose the legislation"

Perkins: "The majority said we don’t need RUCO."

Jordan Green
"Donna Newton, advisor to the Greensboro Neighborhood Congress,
said proponents of the city’s Rental Unit Certificate of Occupancy,
or RUCO program
had already compromised two years ago.
[Which Robbie Perkins voted for.]

“We have already compromised
when we went from full-on inspections to sampling,” she said.
[Which Robbie Perkins voted for.]

“A ‘trust-me’ system – ‘we’re going to do everything right,
and everything’s going to be fine’ – is not believable.”

Jordan Green
“It’s no secret that my constituency would like to see this program go away,” said Marlene Sanford, president of the TREBIC, which hosted the meeting.

“I think I can sell them on a compromise between keeping it as it is and getting rid of it altogether and going back to a complaint system,” she added,

Newton disputed the statement.

“We were not told to give them something different,” she said. “We were told to give them a recommendation.”

To that, Dellinger said, “It’s also come to our attention that there is a movement on city council to….”

Sims finished her sentence: “Go to a complaint-based system, and even, in some quiet corners, to do away with it altogether.”


George, nobody knows what the hell you're bitchin about. Until you can write in coherent comments, we'll just scroll on by.

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