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Nov 16, 2012


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"...Around 1/2 of our business comes from tax credit qualified projects...

...such credits are only available to qualified, historically significant, income producing properties against Federal taxes owed on income of the owner. Since a non-profit, such as Sit In Movement, Inc. doesn’t pay income taxes, it had to sell the property to an entity that does to capture the credits. In this case, that apparently occurred back in August when the building was sold to Museum Landlord, LLC. Museum Landlord, LLC could then, and only then, make the tax credit funded capitol investments in the property

...Museum Landlord, LLC was then free to “syndicate” their tax credits, or sell them off to other tax paying entities (individuals or companies) – at a discount, thereby marginally lowering the effective income tax rate for the purchasing entity.

...The money made from this “syndication” is then invested into the historic property in the form of preservation related improvements. That is, in no small part, how the Museum’s board was able raise the balance of the $14M needed to finish the project."

David Hoggard
JANUARY 28, 2010
The silent campaign

By DHOGGARD | Published: NOVEMBER 4, 2008

"As Greensboro’s voters go to the polls today and decide upon the fate of several bonds,
I thought now would be a safe time to fess up.

The other day, a N&R reporter called me up to find out what was up with the seemingly non-existent campaign to get the $20 million Parks & Recreation bond passed. I told her that I could only speak for myself, but as a P&R Commissioner I did what I could do for the cause by ...writing a letter to the editor in support of passage and talking it up among my associates.

I was less than forthcoming about everything I knew.

Back in, I think it was, August, shortly after the city council surprisingly allotted a $20M bond for the P&R Department and then took up $12M of it with a proposed “Regional Swim Center“, as P&R Commission chairman, I attended a meeting of the bond’s “stakeholders”.

...Discussions from the swim folks centered around how to make the third time a charm and how fortunate they were to have the facility listed under the umbrella of a Parks & Recreation bond (multi-item P&R bonds always get voter approval… stand alone facility bonds, not so much). They wanted to know how to best promote passage of the $12M swim center, which was up for its third pitch with two strikes against.

After listening for awhile to brains that were storming away,
I finally chimed in and offered how P&R bonds have a nearly 100% voter approval record
because citizens know that the department is judicious in what it asks for
and then provides great results for the money allotted.

“So“, said I, “if you really want this bond to pass… be quiet.

Don’t promote the swim center at all this time around.

If you do, it could doom our entire bond.”

The swim center promoters apparently agreed."

David Hoggard


Hush for money

By DHOGGARD | Published: NOVEMBER 6, 2008

"The strategy of silence I mentioned a couple of days ago
that was implemented to get the P&R bond passed,
despite the presence of the $12M – now we can say it – natatorium,
received some N&R ink this morning.

P&R Director Bonnie Kuester confirmed the simple reasoning for the strategy
when she told reporter Amanda Lehmert
“…in her 40 years with the department,
a parks and recreation bond referendum has never failed.”
Deception?… hardly.

By DHOGGARD | Published: JANUARY 1, 2009

"Nothing like starting the New Year off with a public call for your resignation.

A woefully misinformed Mr. Steve Parker writes in today’s N&R:
“I find it sad indeed that the people of Greensboro are not asking for the resignations
of those members of the Parks and Recreation Commission
who scammed residents out of $12 million…”

...It was only after the bond’s contents where set by the Council that this Commissioner
– and this Commissioner only
– recommended that the swim center folks lay low lest the issue,
which had failed twice before,
torpedo the funding for some very real needs that the balance of the bond was to provide."


NOVEMBER 20, 2012
5:30 P.M.

20. Resolution authorizing Encroachment Agreement
between the City of Greensboro and Greensboro Parking Group, LLC
for the installation of fifteen employee parking spaces
along the eastern right of way of South Eugene Street for a Cantina Restaurant.

Robbie was the listing agent on the sale of the property.

Robbie voted for a $200,000 parking lot
next to the property he profited from the sale of.

Robbie proposed taking and spending taxpayer dollars on the saloon building
attached to the property he profited from.

Should Robbie now recuse himself from voting for an Encroachment Agreement
for Greensboro Parking Group, LLC
a company associated with a direct financial interest and the Mayor of Greensboro?


"Self-dealing is a form of conflict of interest.

...“a situation where one takes an action in an official capacity
which involves dealing with oneself in a private capacity
and which confers a benefit on oneself."

...“You work for government and use your official position
to secure a contract for a private consulting company you own”
or “using your government position to get a summer job for your daughter”.

Where a fiduciary has engaged in self-dealing,
this constitutes a breach of the fiduciary relationship."


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