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Nov 02, 2012


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formerly gt

Good one Ed.

I certainly hope that the Pack is as good as advertised. It's been a long time coming.

I really like Gottfried. based upon his interviews during the NCAA last year he appears to have a clear vision of what he wants to do and how he wants to do it. It seems like his time away from coaching helped him as a coach and a person.

He also seemed to do a really good job at developing his players last year as well as developing the team. We haven't seen that too much at NC State since the Valvano days.

Hopefully it''ll be a fun year and the Pack will give Duke and UNC a run for it.

IS that Ron at Style & Cut? Sounds like him. That's one thing I miss about Greensboro. Red cut my hair for the greater part of 35 years.

Mad Dog

formerly gt,

Ron, Red & Larry are still there. Bill retired last year. Red's been cutting my hair since 1989.


Ed Cone

It is Ron at S&C. To quote from an earlier comment, "Ron led the chorus, Bill and Larry and some customers chimed in, and Red cut hair."

formerly gt

"Ron led the chorus, Bill and Larry and some customers chimed in, and Red cut hair."

That is the S&C in a nutshell.

MD - glad to hear Red is still active. I'm not much for conversation, so I liked Red. But, I always enjoyed the conversation going on around us.

Patrick Eakes

You are so right about the Pack five. Crashing the party...a little bit... last year was a lot easier than starting the season as a marginal favorite in the league. I hope they play as well as advertised.

It's interesting that an N&O writer perpetuates the myth that State had to win the ACC tourney in 1983 to advance to the NCAA tourney. It sweetens the story of that run, but is untrue.

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