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Oct 24, 2012


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Remember, it's WFMY, but they report "confirming" such a problem in Guilford County.

Patrick Eakes

You should have put report in quotes, too, Roch.


We have first hand voter testimony that supports the occurrences, and I believe we have election official testimony that support the occurences.

Why don't you just try calling them liars?


The voter didn't cast a ballot for people s/he wasn't intending to vote for. The voting machine reminds the voter whom they are casting his/her vote for. The voter REVIEWS the selections and then CONFIRMS before the ballot is cast.


The facts support a mea culpa...

Ed Cone

Updated the post.

Bob, to be clear, I wasn't disagreeing with the quoted sources, I posted about what I was seeing on FB before I read the articles.

As I said in the update, I doubt this is vote-rigging, but yesterday's issue goes straight to the problem defined in the post and many previous posts -- we need a more transparent system.


I voted for Romney and Ryan and it recorded Truman. Damn cheating Democrats,

David Hoggard

It was a touch screen calibration issue. Nothing more. I've got a Windows based Pharos that I've had a while and still use for certain things. If the screen is not calibrated correctly, typing on it can produce some wierdness because touching a "g" might input its neighbor "t " above it. But it is apparent what such mis-touches result in and I just adjust my typing by 1/4" vertical until I can recalibrate.

Innocent, but maddening and is because of old technology. The iPad I am typing on right now never has calibration issues.

Marshall E why not recalibrate a week before folks are using...just sayin.


It's no big deal, Marshall.

After all, it's not like these voters were asked to produce a photo ID to vote, or something racist like that, is it?


Hmmm. Not just here apparently. It's funny how in both cases the vote defaults to Obama.

Ed Cone

Plenty of concern among the Democrats, too.

Transparency is, or should be, a bipartisan/non-partisan issue.

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