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Oct 11, 2012


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Bill Yaner

Looks like a variation of the "Build a park and the fans will come" theme. Ms. Fox seems to be all about rezoning land used to farm first, and the jobs will come.


Is anyone else dismayed that the rumored possible tenant is some sort of food distribution enterprise? That means lower to medium-wage jobs at best. Trucking and warehousing are fine for what they are, but they aren't the stuff of a new economy. Let's put a Nanotech/Biotech business campus there, full of homegrown businesses sprouted from the Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering.

There's also this: if we, the people, ALREADY own 800 pristine acres, shouldn't we think of the highest and best use in terms of job creation AND protecting open space? The Farm would be a treasured and necessary park in overcrowded 2112.

Ed Cone

My reaction exactly, TL, on both points.

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