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Oct 25, 2012


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sean coon

truly pathetic.


The two vets demonstrated not only integrity and courage, but also an understanding of the problem and what is needed to fix it. Jon's mumbo-jumbo about how to get a DD214, as if that would solve the problem, was truly pathetic.


I agree the combat hours should count toward a certification's requirements. But don't they still have a GI bill program to pay their bills while they get that degree? It seems that in today's job market, especially in medical, that they would be in line for a great career if they add the degree to their military experience.

As for the VA, someone in Congress needs to take up this mantle and get that agency moving in the right direction. Maybe they can't provide world class medical service, but they could surely provide professional and efficient customer service pertaining to records and communication. Make it a model for new efficiency in government.

Steve Harrison

The GI Bill pays tuition and fees for 36 months, and the housing allowance for an E-5 (with dependents) attending UNCG would be $876.00 per month. So if you're shooting for a three-year degree and your kids can survive on Ramen noodles, you're set.


But that means the person who does it the right way and gets these benefits while still single with no dependents has a good shot. The GI Bill was for one individual to get an education after serving in the military, not to support a couple and their children.

Nothing comes free or easy to most people in this country and I'd still say three years tuition and $800 a month is a pretty good benefit if someone wants to take advantage of it.


It's harder than it should be for veterans to find jobs. It's harder than it should be for most people to find a job. But a veteran coming off active duty has considerable resources and advantages that he or she didn't have going in. The current GI bill was designed to give a level of benefits comparable to the level for returning WWII veterans. Exposure such as on the Daily Show helps put pressure on licensing agencies to give full credit for military experiences. And there has been legislation, including a recent bill proposed by Obama but not passed by Congress, to give returning vets employment priority.
Of course this begs the question of what damage military service may have done which affects employability. The long wait for benefits by disabled veterans is a disgrace as is our willingness to rush into wars without measuring the cost.

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