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Oct 19, 2012


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Marlene Sanford and Dawn Cheney.

Isn't Dawn Cheney the new head of DGI?

Is Thomas White of Alliance?

ROBBIE PERKINS 09/14/07 Thomas L. White Jr. Alliance Commercial Apartment Management
ZACK MATHENY 08/24/09 Thomas L. WhiteAlliance Commercial Properties Housing code violations by related company
TRUDY WADE 01/22/08 Brantley E. White Alliance Companies Housing code violation by related company
TRUDY WADE 01/25/08 Brantley E. White Alliance Companies Housing code violation by related company
TRUDY WADE 01/30/08 Paula S. Hopkins Alliance Companies Housing code violation by related company
TRUDY WADE 01/30/08 Thomas L. White Jr. Alliance Companies Housing code violation by related company
ZACK MATHENY 07/28/09 Brantley E. White Alliance Management Housing code violations by related company
ROBBIE PERKINS 10/11/09 Thomas White Alliance Properties Housing code violations by related company


Perkin's campaign money comes from those who wanted RUCO eliminated.

He already acted to limit the ordinance in 2008.

Perkins funds TREBIC.

TREBIC was the outfit that lobbied the State House on the Rental Inspection Legislation.

Therefore Robbie paid to have RUCO dismantled at the state level,
while he touts what a good program it "was"
after he didn't lift a finger to save it,
as he disingenuously courted voters by convincing them of the opposite.

Why would Robbie appoint Byron Nelson to the RUCO committee if Robbie wanted to preserve RUCO?

R. Bryon Nelson. MEGA BUILDERS, LLC. 609 Eugene Ct., Ste B Greensboro, NC 27401

Why would he vote 3 times to limit RUCO when serving on the RUCO board?

Think you can publicly admit it Ed?


TREBIC and Robbie's side wins 4 to 3.



Ed sorry to see no post on yes weekly! And Ginsburg on the trebic cartel but as we see Ruco is stacked again with trebic cartel and the apartment assoc. is also a member of trebic cartel. Stacking the deck as usual for Greensboro city council, pathetic.


Also add Jeff nimmer on ad hoc Ruco works for trebic cartel Kati's properties

Andrew Brod

I don't think George's arithmetic is right. It appears that the following building/landlord interests are on the committee:

1. A private builder (the chair)
2. Greensboro Landlord Association
4. Piedmont Triad Apartment Coalition

Arrayed against those interests are:

1. Greensboro Neighborhood Congress
2. Greensboro Housing Coalition
3. Greensboro Minimum Housing Commission
4. Greensboro Human Relations Commission

Unless I've misconstrued these organizations' interests, it's 4-4, not 4-3.


Nimmer in trebic brod


My math was wrong and Keith is right.

Jeff Nimmer works for Kotis.

Jeff Nimmer joined Kotis Properties in 1999.

As Leasing and Brokerage Manager for North Carolina, Jeff oversees the leasing of all company owned properties, as well as Tenant Representation activities in North Carolina.

He has also tried and won numerous successful re-zoning cases within Greensboro and Guilford County.

He currently serves as the District 3 representative on the Greensboro Minimum Housing Standards Commission, a Council Member of SynerG, ...and is on the Executive Board of the Westerwood Neighborhood Association.
The Triad Business Journal named him one of the Triad’s 40 Leaders Under 40 in 2006

So let's call it 5 to 3.

Still Rigged.

If Tim Vincent, Chairman of Greensboro Minimum Housing Commission
put up a property manager to fill in for him on the committee,
then we have what looks like a "stakeholder representative"
chairing the Greensboro Minimum Housing Commission.



I believe this would be a great example of wolf guarding hen house.

Andrew Brod

According to the memo, Jeff Nimmer is an alternate. He doesn't get a separate vote.

But okay, it might be 4-4 or 5-3 depending on the orientation of the Minimum Housing Standards Commission (its full name).


Greensboro Minimum Housing Commission

Vinson "Tim" Vincent, Chair - appointed Jeff Nimmer to fill in on Post RUCO Board.

Jeff Nimmer, Vice Chair - Kotis

Shermin Ata
Owner/Architect at Shermin Ata, Architect, PLLC
Previous - Moser Mayer Phoenix Associates
Full Archtiectural Design and Project Management Services:
-Feasibility Study
-Schematic Design
-Design Development
-Construction Documents
-Construction Administration
-Project Closeout

Angela Harris?
anybody know?

Kathleen Sullivan
ReMax Realty Consultants,
Previous - Greensboro Regional Realtors Association, TREBIC

Isn't it awesome?


A Greensboro Renter against a stacked Post RUCO Board



TREBIC member Robbie Perkins and Council on Post RUCO

Pretty obvious who is on what side.

Nancy Hoffman and Robbie defend the status quo.

Denise is doing her job as a Greensboro Partnership Lobbyist.

Great set up.

Took years to consolidate that kind of power.

I believe Robbie Perkins, when talking about how the state legislation eliminated RUCO, was very disingenuous as he funded TREBIC and stacked the RUCO board to get rid of RUCO at the state level, while exemptions were made for Charlotte and Raleigh.

This is Crony Capitalist politics in motion.



Can you admit it, or is it a "conspiracy"?


Greensboro Housing Coalition on Rental Problems in Greensboro



Last one.

beth mckee huger on Rental Problems in Greensboro



All you need to know is the unofficial lobbyist Marlene Sanford is on the case , Nuffield said


No worries Keith, this is all just a conspiracy theory.

5 to 3 votes is a conspiracy theory
just like on the old RUCO board.

Eric Ginsburg and Yes Weekly...all just a conspiracy theory.

Crony Capitalism...

Roy Carroll getting sewer for AMEX and Birch Creek...

Robbie selling Gunter's Crossing to Brown...

GTCC water and sewer for Robbie and Zack across the street...

The saloon attached to Robbie's listing
next to the parking lot taxpayers are paying $200,000 for...

Skip Alston's refi under an LLC...

Water and sewer for Robbie's Pilot Life listing...

All conspiracy theories trumped up by the local wacko's
who aren't paid off by campaign contributors and business associates.



If Robbie Perkins supported RUCO, why would he vote to eliminate sampling inspections of multifamily properties?
"Ms. Dellinger moved to eliminate 2% sampling on multifamily property,
seconded by Mr. Sims.

The vote was tied 6-6.

(Ayes: Dellinger [Koury], Nelson [Kotis], Placentino, Chaney, Sims, Perkins [Now Greensboro Mayor Robbie Perkins.

Nays: Akin, Rotruck, Cannon, Giles, Tuck, Smith.)

The vote died due to lack of a majority.

...John Lowder, Executive Director of the Triad Apartment Association,
stated that it was a misrepresentation that the real estate industry representatives
were trying to eliminate the program.

OCTOBER 14, 2010
Did Matheny and Perkins stack the RUCO Board?

Name:.......Appointed by:............Date:

Robert Aiken... Mayor Johnson...2/19/2008
Greensboro Landlords Association, TREBIC,
reapointed by Robbie Perkins

Howard Frank Auman, III...Perkins.... 4/19/2011
Signature Properties, TREBIC,
Owner of very many apartment units
Perkins and many other campaign contributor

Willena Cannon...Wells/..12/2/2008
Greensboro Housing Coalition

Dawn Chaney...Rakestraw...8/2/2010
Landlord, TREBIC

Ronald Bryan Nelson...4/19/2011 (date reappt)...Perkins
Triad Apartment Association, TREBIC

Mike Pendergraft...Matheny...1/18/2011
Real Estate Attorney

Robbie Perkins...Mayor Knight...Council Representative

Lee Porter...Matheny...1/4/2011
CEO, Birch [Property] Management, TREBIC

Jeff Simms...Wade...1/6/2009
agent or owners of rental properties, per Jordan Green

Penny Smith...Bellamy-Small...4/6/2010

Ron Tuck...Bellamy-Small...7/21/2009
Construction Contractor

Helen Wood...Perkins...2/1/2011
Realtor, Apartment owner and manager


City Manager's Office
City of Greensboro, 10/29/2011


"David Hoggard,

Did or did Robbie not screw poor renters state wide or not?"

George Hartzman
"Yes he did."

David Hoggard
September 29, 2011 at 09:15 PM


"Donna Newton, advisor to the Greensboro Neighborhood Congress,
said proponents of the city’s Rental Unit Certificate of Occupancy,
or RUCO program
had already compromised two years ago.
[Which Robbie Perkins voted for.]

“We have already compromised
when we went from full-on inspections to sampling,” she said.
[Which Robbie Perkins voted for.]

“A ‘trust-me’ system – ‘we’re going to do everything right,
and everything’s going to be fine’ – is not believable.”

Jordan Green
“It’s no secret that my constituency would like to see this program go away,” said Marlene Sanford, president of the TREBIC, which hosted the meeting.

“I think I can sell them on a compromise between keeping it as it is and getting rid of it altogether and going back to a complaint system,” she added,

Newton disputed the statement.

“We were not told to give them something different,” she said. “We were told to give them a recommendation.”

To that, Dellinger said, “It’s also come to our attention that there is a movement on city council to….”

Sims finished her sentence: “Go to a complaint-based system, and even, in some quiet corners, to do away with it altogether.”
The roster shows that, not counting city council liaison Robbie Perkins and two staff members, six out of 11 members are either agents or owners of rental properties, including Dellinger; Sims; District 3 appointee Peter Placentino, who works for Brown Investment Properties; Bobby Akin of the Greensboro Landlords Association; Bryon Nelson of the Triad Apartment Association; and Todd Rotruck, the representative for the neighborhood congress.

Without mentioning Rotruck by name, Newton said that at the time he was appointed the neighborhood congress representative was actively involved in neighborhood issues, but said her organization will probably replace him with “a neighborhood person who experiences the impact of substandard property and good properties in their community.”



"When the NC General Assembly voted in June to amend the state’s rental inspection law, it appeared to spell the demise of RUCO, short for Rental Unit Certificate of Occupation, a model program in Greensboro that proactively inspected rental properties and required landlords to obtain a certificate before placing them on the market.

The Greensboro City Council has drawn heat for opting to remain silent on the issue on the eve of a critical Senate vote.

...Pendergraft has tried to interest the city’s planning and community development director and has attempted to elicit a response from city council candidates.

...Asked if they would vote to continue to enforce RUCO, even if it were challenged in court, some candidates either expressed opposition to the program or dodged the question during a forum last month.

“I think there’s one thing that we do have in Greensboro, and that’s 99.9 percent responsible people who want to supply safe housing and affordable housing,” , the incumbent candidate for the District 4 seat. “That’s very important. But if we’re going to just inspect the same houses over and over again, that’s not efficient and that’s not effective.

"What we do need is to have our people [address violations] on a complaint basis.” said Mary Rakestraw

Nancy Hoffmann, the challenger in the race, said RUCO had been successful and had improved the city’s housing inventory, but she appreciated that landlords might have a different perspective.

Jim Kee and Zack Matheny, respectively the incumbents in districts 2 and 3 — both heavily favored to win their races — echoed Rakestraw’s criticism that city staff is inspecting the same properties over and over again.

...Robbie Perkins, the challenger in the race, said, “It’s hard to cry over spilt milk. If the state legislature decides they’re going to put a program out of business, then they’ve got the authority to do that. I think the question is, where do we go from here?”

Jordan Green



"Perkins says the RUCO board voted 6 to 5
against sending a letter to the mayor
urging the city to oppose the legislation"

Perkins: "The majority said we don’t need RUCO."

Jordan Green


"At-large Councilman Robbie Perkins announced plans to run for mayor of Greensboro today at the headquarters of the Greater Greensboro Regional Realtors Association...

...Campaign Manager Ross Harris said she and her client have been planning the bid for 25 years.

...Perkins made his announcement surrounded by friends in the real-estate industry, including developer Roy Carroll and lawyer Henry Isaacson.

“The realtors and the builders have been my base for my candidacy for 17-18 years,” Perkins said. “In fact, before I even got into politics, Trip Brown and I worked to get an organization together that was the precursor of TREBIC way back when.

Chester “Trip” Brown Jr. is the chairman of the board of Brown Investment Properties. The organization they helped establish, the Triad Real Estate and Building Industries Coalition, or TREBIC, is a prominent player in city-county politics and has been involved with virtually every aspect of city policy concerning land use and housing.

Perkins is the president of NAI Piedmont Triad, a commercial real estate company.

...He also repeated a common refrain — that the city needs to maintain an investment in its water and sewer system.

...Perkins also indicated that he would capitalize on the Obama administration’s investment in high-speed rail to advance sustainable development in downtown Greensboro.

“One of the real opportunities we’re going to have is there will be high-speed rail between New York City and Charlotte at some point in time,” he said. “And it will come right through Greensboro, North Carolina. And we need to be planning for very high-density development in the area of that high-speed rail. It will come right through the Douglas Galyon Depot. That’s the area that needs to be very high-density development. Now, you go to other cities that have that type of circulation — there are going to be a lot of people living in that realm because there will be people commuting to Charlotte, Raleigh, Washington DC right out of the center of Greensboro.”



Dear Ed Cone and Andrew Brod;

Did or did Robbie not screw poor renters state wide?

George Hartzman


I take it not answering means "yes he did".

Billy Jones

Robbie Perkins did screw renters state wide.

But as usual, Ed Cone and Andrew Brod are scared to admit it.

Billy Jones

And here's the SHOCKING news about TREBIC that Ed, Andrew and Mayor Robme Perkins will never admit along with a link to the source.

Billy Jones

It might be that Ed Cone and Andrew Brod don't care about Greensboro but it won't be because Billy Jones didn't try!

Who has the balls to stand up to Robme?

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