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Oct 22, 2012


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"The Republicans portrayed Mr. McGovern as a cowardly left-winger, a threat to the military and the free-market economy and someone outside the mainstream of American thought. Whether those charges were fair or not, Mr. McGovern never lived down the image of a liberal loser, and many Democrats long accused him of leading the party astray."

This is proof that reasonable men whether Republicans or Democrats can come to the same conclusion in distinctly different ways.

David Wharton

A libertarian appreciation of the late senator.

Bill Yaner

When Robert McNamara says at the very end of "The Fog War" - that most revealing documentary - "It was a civil war" - McGovern got that vindication.

No one personified the hard headed determination of the war machine at that time more than our Secretary of Defense.

How in taking on what turned out to be a politcally disastrous position on the war and other liberal ideals George McGovern can be called "cowardly", puzzles me. Nor have I ever heard that term associated with him sittinginmiddle. He lost, and he lost big time - an American sin, of course, but hardly an act of cowardice.

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