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Oct 19, 2012


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I suppose also that many people are upset that Obama did in fact govern as the hard liner that he is in contrast to the candidate he was in 2008.

Ed Cone

I think a lot of people who voted for Obama are disappointed in his Bush Lite presidency and dismayed with his watered-down approaches to Wall Street, health care, Gitmo, etc., and that these Hey Wait Where's That Liberal We Elected? factors might contribute to some lack of enthusiasm for his campaign.

formerly gt

And of course there's always the fact that few people I know in NC are better off than they were four years ago.

People are fatigued. Gas prices have doubled. Food prices have risen. They're tired of hearing about the 1%. They're tired of hearing that Bush is to blame. Obama has made Bush's irresponsible spending look modest by comparison.

People look at Romney and they see a competent, forthright, forceful leader.


That anyone believes Obama was Bush light says more of their latent extremism than it does of any lack thereof on Obama's part.


Actually, I think a lot of Obama's problem is the result of independents asking "hey, where is the moderate we thought we elected?".

Anyone who believes that a modern president will lose an election for not being liberal enough is fooling themselves.

formerly gt

It turns out that Obama is "not optimal"


"Anyone who believes that a modern president will lose an election for not being liberal enough is fooling themselves.'

It's called "whistling past the graveyard", and no one does it better than the blahg host and his kindred spirits.

Bill Yaner

No, I think Ed got this one right, and bubba and company don't see it. Liberal idealism was thrown under the bus again and again in search for that middle ground we could all agree on. But alas, that was not forthcoming from a Republican Party that had decided that defeating Obama trumped governance.

In our lifetime we've not seen an entire party so united in their determination to stand still.

formerly gt

"But alas, that was not forthcoming from a Republican Party that had decided that defeating Obama trumped governance."

You nailed it. The dem meme that is.

The fact is we saw a party united against the largest assault on liberty by a president.

in May his budget proposal was defeated *unanimously* by *BOTH* the senate and house. and where was/is his immigration bill? did he put forth a single payer system?

and unless you forget Bill, the dems controlled congress for Obama's 1st two years. that situation didn't stop Reagan - did it?

he's not the man you thought he was. he's not the man i hoped he'd be. he's failed. and it's time for us to move on.

Bill Yaner

Reagan and Tip O'Neal sitting together with a bottle of scotch - and no press around for photo opps is governance at work to move us forward. And no, gt (formerly), Obama is no Reagan.

However, while we're nailing memes, you got that Republican one down perfectly , didn't you, about Obama having his way in Congress for the first two years. But thanks to that lovely Senate rule called filibuster where you don't even have to get up and talk any more (that was so taxing), that Obama friendly Congress never in fact existed.


"But thanks to that lovely Senate rule called filibuster....."

.....which happened how many times (exactly) during that period?

Bill Yaner

You're right, bubba. Without the votes to break a filibuster the bill doesn't even get to the floor.


^The fact that there is "no middle ground" is not the result of Republican construct. It's the result of the "elections have consequences" arrogance and obstinance of the Obama cabal.

We have a chance to drive a stake through the heart of that meme in less than three weeks. Let's see if we (the American people) are smart enough to do so.

Bill Yaner

If a cabal is a secret political group of insiders, how did you discover it bubba?

formerly gt

Like if Romney wins and the reps take the senate, the dems will not filibuster. And if Romney wins and the dems keep the senate, reid will bring every Romney proposal to the floor.

Wonder what the meme will be then? saving the country from the extreme right wing who wants to starve grandma, pollute our water, and deny medical coverage to the poor?

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