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Oct 08, 2012


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Mad Dog

Trolls need not apply(per Mayor Perkins).


Seymour Hardy Floyd

Saw "War Horse" at the DPAC this weekend with family and was reminded how impressive the facility is and what a great job everyone there does at providing an all-around inviting, comfortable atmosphere for top-notch entertainment. Wish Greensboro had thought of a PAC before Durham, although it would have been (and will be) challenging to do it any better than Durham has.

But I also wish Greensboro would support its smaller theatres more than it has. Two local smaller theatres are at best in limbo right now: the Broach and the Open Space Cafe Theatre. While both theatres have had successful productions, both have also had high-quality shows that have attracted very few audience members. The Broach tried to revive itself last year, but right now, I'm not aware of any current plans for future productions. (The Community Theatre of Greensboro is in the process of making the Broach location its own permanent theatre, but I had also thought that the Broach still planned to offer its own shows, possibly through some collaborative efforts with CTG. If that's the case, it's not very clear now.) The News & Record recently printed a front-page story about the challenges the OSC Theatre has faced recently. After moving from its original home on Market Street, a new location on Battleground Avenue didn't work out because of zoning issues. I still hold out hope that OSC Theatre founder Joe Nierle can find a location that will work long-term, but it's disappointing that the powers that be in our community haven't stepped up more to help support someone who has worked hard to provide high-quality, "locally grown" entertainment for our community to enjoy.

We have some amazing local theatre talent within our community, but our community doesn't support our local theatre scene as much as it could and should. While I've loved some of the shows I've seen at the DPAC and at the Greensboro Coliseum over the years, I'm sometimes more impressed by the amazing productions performed at some of our smaller local theatres, where local talent is on display, the cost to attend is less, and lesser funding and fewer resources only inspire greater creativity.

If our community ultimately builds a successful GPAC, I hope it will also seek to provide even greater support for our other theatres, the smaller ones that currently exist, as well as the ones that might be fading from existence right now before our very eyes.


Saw Bloody Andrew at UNCG's Taylor Theater.

Great performance, well done, entertaining.

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