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Oct 21, 2012


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I can't believe I'm saying this but, good for Dook. They're bowl-eligible after beating their bowl-ineligible rival at home and in prime time. It couldn't have worked out better for them.

On another note, pathetic form from the Dook football "faithful" by storming the field after the game. That was clearly their first rodeo and was embarrassing to watch. You beat a top 10 or 5 team? OK, great, but you beat an unranked team and you're in a BCS conference.


They beat Carolina. Of course they are going to storm the field.


The state of ACC football has to be at an all time low. Two teams in the Top 25, neither of which have any shot at playing for the national championship. Only ONE team outside of the Top 25 with votes in the coaches poll - f'ing Dook with 16 votes. But things are sure to get better when football powerhouses Syracuse and Pitt join the party next year. What's really sad is that it's entirely conceivable that Dook will be in Charlotte on the first Saturday in December, playing for the ACC Championship. Good for Dook, horrific for the conference's image.

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