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Oct 18, 2012


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sean coon

the majority opinion was written by a rather conservative judge, as well.


Thank goodness you've weathered the gay wave; I don't want your children raking the streets with AK-47s.


A moat won't do it. I hear the hummasekshuals are quite buoyant.


How come clever divorce lawyers haven't hired gays to walk through prosperous suburban neighborhoods, radiating those vibes that destroy bonds and fuel litigious thoughts?

sean coon

hm... maybe you should ping spag with that nugget, corbs. and make sure you get a 70/30 take of the profits.


Damned estate taxes. Just get rid of 'em. The End.


The gay sociopolitical agenda knows no boundaries. It is an animal. It lives, breathes, and preys upon good old fashioned.....good people, and such. Thankfully, here in North Carolina we have the double ban on the gay marry. You need not dig your moat......for now.


Gay marriage = gay divorce = more business, so from an economic standpoint that isn't bad for me.

Still we all know that this ruling isn't the final word on this issue.

Bill Bush

Hummasexuals? My goodness, they've taken over the deli! I didn't see that on the agenda!


I think pita and gyro are code for something. I just don't know what.

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