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Oct 15, 2012


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I think Piedmont Triad Research Park in Winston-Salem is way ahead of the competition. Instead of building a suburban research park with "fake" urban amenities, they actually built the park downtown within walking distance to authentic urban amenities. There isn't much land for a really large research park in downtown Greensboro but there are areas in the downtown that could be redeveloped for a research and technology cluster, particularly the southwest quadrant of downtown surrounded by Spring Garden St, Freeman Mill, Lee Street and Eugene Street. This area could tie in with the South Elm/Lee street development via the downtown greenway. I would have preferred Gateway University Research Park be built in this area of downtown as oppose to the eastern part of the city in no mans land. For one thing the downtown site sits between the universities and is in close proximity to the schools. I suppose there is still a chance the proposed university district could be built in the southwest quadrant of downtown or maybe a third satellite campus of Gateway University Research Park could eventually be built ther .

This image shows downtown sites that could be used for a research technology cluster. Maybe DGI, community groups and the universities should consider this. Its the only area of downtown where a research cluster on a semi large scale could be built. It could tie in with the South Elm Lee Street development along with UNCG's Lee Street projects just blocks to the west.


an over all plan

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