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Aug 24, 2012


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It seems unwise for any nation to base its economic future on private institutions that grow so large and so rich that their failure demands a response the nation is incapable of making.

The notion of "international banks" is a bit of a misdirection. Banks and other businesses operate internationally, but all of them are based somewhere. When "international banks" fail, they look for relief from individual nations, especially the ones they call homen noit to, say, the UN. (The most recent example is happening in that nation called "Europe", even if several of the participants are in denial.)

Bill Yaner

And if you ask why not one big banker has gone to jail for all of the lies, fraud and deception leading up to the bust, you're told that today's laws - as opposed to back in the S&L bust - are written with so much ambiguity and vagueness that there's little if anything a prosecutor can grab onto to make the case stick to individuals.

And even as we write, that army of lobbyists are working to neuter down Dodd Frank so that the business of big banking and hedge fund management can go on unimpeded by a silly little thing like regulation.

Roll on, big money, roll on!

Bill Bush

I'm taking both my quarters to the yard sales tomorrow morning. I'll know where they are unless and until I find something to "invest" in. But I may be too concerned about uncertainty in the economy to part with both quarters. Maybe I should just stay home. Would that be hurting the economy or just the invisible hand staying in my pocket? Macroeconomics is so difficult.

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