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Aug 23, 2012


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David Boyd

Something needs to cancel out your apparent erectile dysfunction.

Ed Cone

I always thought those were aimed at readers. Now I'm worried about my ability to get a loan, but feeling good about my access to counterfeit luxury goods.

west Nile food truck

I am much to be pleased fortnightly with the interest of comments for Jackson Mississippi state university! Tuition is ever increasing!

David Hoggard

I just like seeing new names pop up as commenters.

But seriously... here I am a relatively capable human being who has great trouble deciphering the images that 'captcha' offers up and have to input the characters via hunt & peck... but here we have some 'bot' who can decipher that stuff with the reward of being ignored by readers and quickly deleted once noticed by the blog's owner.

The people behind it must be a sad bunch.


I thought Gordon (George?) Goch had some potential. I was really looking forward to reading his comments and watching him develop into one of the better contributors to this blog.

Ed Cone

Prell: GG was the inspiration for my post. I know he's just a robot in a former Soviet republic, but it felt like he really knew me.

Hoggard: Spam works because not everyone -- nearly everyone, but not quite -- ignores it.

David Hoggard

Impressive piece of research, Ed. I just scanned it then went to the conclusion, which was encouraging. But a hit rate of .000001% just seems so depressing.

What could they do if they went door-to-door with the same fervor and dedication as that employed by StormBot? I'm guessing that every household would have a candy jar full of multi-colored 'male enhancement' pills.


The people who want to sell you Nike Air's are particularly gracious and flattering.


I just saw a graph of email traffic at an organization of about a hundred employees. Over the last month, they have averaged roughly 15,000 incoming messages daily, 10,000 of which were blocked as spam.

Tony Wilkins

I especially like it when I impress the international audience:

"I’m impressed, I necessary to declare. In point of fact not a lot solve I stumble upon a weblog that’s apiece educative and entertaining, and let me inform you, you have got hit the nail taking place the head. Your thought is excellent; the difficulty is impressive that not an adequate amount of persons are speaking intelligently concerning. I am vastly ecstatic that I stumbled throughout this in my obtain representing something regarding this".


I love those, Tony.

I think those are made through double translation. Perhaps from English to Phoenician then back to English, but most likely not even beginning in English.

I sure Brod might say that this must be source of my Dadaesque "style".

Ed Cone

TW, that one actually was from me.

Frog: +1 for your last line.

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