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Jul 30, 2012


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Not sure how the nonexistent can be hostile to anything.

When I read thise kinds of articles about Tolkien, et al, I'm never sure if they're talking within a literary framework or actually measuring the real against the nonexistent.

Shirlee Murphy

Happy Hobbit Lover here--agreeing with justcorbly. Tolkien could be enigmatic--at the
least. "The Hobbit" began as bedtime stories for his children. "The Lord of the Rings" maybe dark--but still magical.

Ed Cone

People talk about books within the framework of their fictional worlds, and also in relation to the real world.

Technology vs nature goes back at least to Frankenstein, and it's a clear theme in LOTR. The magic/technology stuff seems a bit fresher to me.

I'm not the first person to notice the underbelly of hobbinomics.

Shirlee Murphy

This is wonderful--thanks Ed. Chomsky and Zinn--two of my favorite people. I think I will start again a summer with the Hobbits, etc.--now that I know about the pipe-weed:)

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