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Jul 31, 2012


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Romney will just deny he said it. Someone oughta play the tape during the debates, but they won't.

Andrew Brod

Media person: "Some say Romney spoke highly of Israel's single-payer system of socialized medicine. Others say he didn't."


I'm not at all surprised that the CONtrolls are avoiding this thread.


Lost on the Rocket Scientists above is the clear fact that Romney is praisning the efficiency of the Israeli system in controlling costs, not the structure. Further lost on them is the point that our supposed Patient Protection Affordable Health Care Act isn't, and is proving to be an out of control upward spiral, unlike ythe Isreali program.

But don't let me interrupt your alternate reality. Keep thinking this is something it clearly is not, despite the outrageous attempt by the WaPo reporter and the headline writer to link "strong government influence" to what Romney actually said.


"Lost on the Rocket Scientists".

O rly?

Bob Grenier is a rocket scientist too: "praisning", "ythe", "Isreali"

Andrew Brod

Bubs must be dizzy from all that spinning. However, as even he must realize, efficiencies don't appear out of thin air. They're a function of the underlying structure.

And of course there's no upward cost spiral, because not much of Obamacare has taken effect yet. But in a sense, Bubba's right. Obamacare probably relies too much on private-sector health insurance. It'd be better if it were a single-payer program like Israel's.

Ed Cone

He acknowledged a reality his party has denied, that universal systems can be more efficient and effective than anything under serious consideration here.

Doing so without acknowledging the nature of the system he compared favorably to our own just adds to the fun.

Andrew Brod

Watching Romney on the world stage has been great fun. From dissing his fellow conservatives in Britain to extolling the efficiency of socialized medicine in Israel, this has been a hoot.

But you gotta feel for the guy. Obama's foreign policy has been Republican lite since the beginning, much to the chagrin of many liberals. There isn't that much for a mainstream Republican like Romney to criticize other than claiming alleged slights and imagined apologies. Nothing of substance. And that creates space to muck things up.

Of course he could have just smiled and uttered platitudes. That's always been the lingua franca of diplomacy.


And the British NHS is so well-liked that a tribute to it was part of the opening ceremonies last Friday. Imagine that.

Brian Clarey

I like how Bubba thinks the rest of us are living in an alternate reality. This is turning into a comedy blog for me. Archie Bunker meets Dabney Coleman, or something like that.
I have some notes:
Polifrog is spot-on in his knee-jerk conservative spin, maybe a little too on-the-nose though. He's a solid stereotype with a proven track record of getting the laughs, but he's not as funny as Colbert.
The Bubba character needs to work on the lovable aspect of the "lovable curmudgeon" archetype. And his catchphrases suck: "The usual suspects," calling people "boy" and such. We can do better. Maybe an exclamation, like "Jeezajiminy!" or something, to make him seem like an actual human being. This is not engraved in stone.
The academics need to be a little more goofy — funnier glasses or haircuts maybe. Just a dash of Jerry Lewis. Just a dash.
And is there a way we can work in a wacky neighbor? Just a thought.
Plus: More women. And ethnics.
But I think we're really on to something here, fellas. Got a good feeling about this one.


"Bob Grenier is a rocket scientist too: "praisning", "ythe", "Isreali""

Hey Asshole.....the arthritis that affects my typing is in my fingers. The arthritis that affects you (and Clarey too) is in your head, and inhibits access to any critical thinking skills you might actually possess.

But again, don't let that stop either you or Clareybelle from running your mouths.


that was perfect, bubba.

see how he said, "Clareybelle," brian? i pictured it coming out of his mouth in 1/2 speed, with a drawl on "arey" ... straight out of archie's repertoire. = a norman lear production.

Brian Clarey

Bubba: That's better. We can use the arthritis in future bits. Didn't Uncle Wiggly complain about his rheumatism? Maybe we can play it up, like Fred Sanford did in "Sanford and Son."
But you can't say "asshole" on network TV. This has more of a basic-cable feel to it anyway.
Let me ask you this: When you say "Clareybelle," are you giving the limp wrist thing like Mr. Roper? Because that would be perfect.


Yes, of course......Norman Lear low brow nonsense is of academic and intellectual brilliance for the Seanie Dramas of this world.

Anything better is beyond their limited grasp. It's the same problem they share with others whose mental and emotional growth were stunted in childhood.


"Let me ask you this: When you say "Clareybelle," are you giving the limp wrist thing like Mr. Roper? Because that would be perfect."

Why do you want to know? Do you need to add something physicalto your unintentional comedy act to draw attention away from your tired and worn-out rhetoric?

You were probably funnier as a bartender, particularly after your customers had a few rounds. You probably made more money too.

Brian Clarey

Yes, Bubba, you're the adult here.

Seriously, though, could you at least try the "Jeezajiminy!" thing, or maybe "Cripe-a-mikey!" or something? It isn't that you're not already hilarious — trust me, you are fabulous, baby — but you're alienating the younger viewers.

Archie Bunker sang songs at the piano with his wife... do you sing? Or maybe we could get you fitted with some tap shoes.


Clareybelle: "Archie Bunker sang songs at the piano with his wife... do you sing? Or maybe we could get you fitted with some tap shoes."

Translation: "Honk! Honk!"


We "work in"
a Wacky Neighbor?


Brian Clarey

Right, Mick — we already got one!

So Hartzman is the neighbor, not wacky so much as nosy, like Mrs. Kravitz, always peeking through the blinds.

Bubba is the grumpy-but-lovable curmudgeon, like an Angry Fred Merz, though he admittedly needs some work.

Ed himself is the "straight," a Bud Abbott type, or maybe like Andy from "WKRP."

Roch is the composite of "those meddling kids."

I need to do some more thinking on this, obviously, but we're really getting somewhere.


And Clareybelle needs to get his seltzer water bottle refilled. He got most of his spray on his face.


This is the best thread in a very long time.

Maybe Dr. Mary J. can be the female version of Doc from Gunsmoke. She's got cranky pegged. I'm expanding beyond sitcoms, but what the hell.

Ed Cone

Andy? I was auditioning for Dr. Johnny Fever.


you don't have enough wise-cracking "vavoom" in your comments to be DJF, ed. well, not consistently.

Ed Cone


I mean, ouch, man.


^ +1


Bubba, he said "grumpy but loveable". Take the compliment.

Brian, et al., funny stuff. ;)

Ed Cone

Well said, Bailey.

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