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Jul 25, 2012


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Sounds like you want your MegaBus...

Fred Gregory

Does Honda Jet have a time share plan ?

Ed Cone

It'll be a while before those little planes are in service, but I'd guess NetJets or a competitor will make them available on some sort of fractional pricing plan.

Being able to avoid the big NY airports would be a value unto itself.

I wonder what it would cost to run a HondaJet taxi to NY. More than most companies will shell out for most workers, I'd guess.


I'm sure I'll eat my words for this, but after my last Delta flight, you couldn't get me on their aircraft. I'd rather walk.


'Tis the curse of hubs. Seriously. They magnify the impact of weather problems.

Lately, it seems I can't fly anywhere without starting out on USAir to National in D.C., which invariably means getting off the plane hundreds of yards from the terminal and getting into one of those miserable little shuttle buses. Great fun when it's raining.

Ed Cone

Little buses at LGA, too.

Two people have said to me in the last 14 hours the same thing Lisa and I noticed after flying from Beijing to EWR: This country's infrastructure lags much of the world.


James Fallows has a book just out on Chinese aviation. Haven't read it, but wonder if there might be some lessons there.

That said, and not being wild about repeating myself, but: You know what would solve this problem? Those jetpacks they promised us.


Fallows was on Colbert a couple of days ago and said that China has 100 airports under construction.


100 airports and multiple empty, unaffordable cities. Bubbles...


I avoid the New York airports at all costs, even if it does mean going through National.

For my almost annual UK visits, I fly into Dulles or Boston and catch a morning flight to London. Getting into London is a piece of cake if you spring for the Heathrow Express.

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