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Jul 21, 2012


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"Still broken."

.....for more than 20 years now.

Ed Cone

I know my drives home from college in the early '80s were much easier, although even then things could back up north of Quantico.

We moved back here 21 years ago, and learned quickly to avoid that route when headed home from points north. Today we were starting from the coast, which made the western route seem less inviting, and we'd had good luck on the trip up...lesson relearned.

Billy Jones

Given a choice, I'll cut across PA and down I-81 or US29 every time before dealing with I-95. Or even any of a thousand back roads if I've got the time.


295 is always the answer. Especially at night when there isn't much traffic.


Always loathed I95, especially from DC down to Richmond. Are the lanes still about 5 feet wide and the median speed about 90 mph?

When I was up there, I lived outside Leesburg, commuting on the toll road. Getting to 95 was an hour's drive in itself. Trips down here were on 29 and 15. Took close to 6 hours, but also didn't shorten my lifespan by a few weeks.

Ed Cone

We've been taking the Shenandoah route for many years, and will be back on it from now on.

295 is no answer when traffic is bumper to bumper well past Fredericksburg. In fact, the Wilson bridge was fine -- it was VA that crushed us. The Union army made better time to Richmond than we did.

Also, the toll booth at the foot of the Delaware Mem Bridge should just collect the next toll, too, so traffic has a chance of flowing before the MD line.

Bill Yaner

Make a point of stopping at Dietrich's Meat in Krumsville, PA I believe. The real deal.


There is no good way to get out of DC during the rush. From the city, I'd probably take I66 out to 29/15; maybe the toll road to 15 at Leesburg, depending on traffic reports.

Jon Lowder

Lived in NoVa most of my life, the last 8 years before we moved here in'04 we lived off of 95 just north of Quantico, and that was easily the worst traffic spot in the metro DC area. They did a good job cleaning up the mixing bowl at 95/395/495 a few years back, but that just made the stretch of 95 south of the Beltway that much worse. I thank my lucky stars every day when I'm making my 30 mile commute to GSO on 40 and it takes me 30 minutes. Not sure how long our adequate highway capacity will last, but I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.

Ginia Zenke

In college I got stuck on 495/66 and decided to get off & cut through McLean. It was a cold, rainy autmn Friday. (Congress was in town trying to get out of town) It took me three hours to cross the county and get to 29. Never again. I also was in the old family wagon which guzzled gas and I had maybe $5.00 to get back to school on, and I kept watching the needle march to the left as I drove through stoplight after stoplight....

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