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Jul 25, 2012


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Bill Yaner

And the definitions do not apply consistently from one species to another. Rare tuna, for example, seems almost to be still swimming in the ocean.

Mad Dog

I always order medium rare. If it needs to be cooked a little longer, then I ask them to do so and take the heat(no pun)for it not being exactly right.

I have never been able to un-cook a steak.



I remember when you could order a burger medium rare in this country.... There's no burger like a pink burger....

Andrew Brod

You can still order medium-rare burgers in other states, and even in North Carolina if (or at least this is my understanding) the restaurant grinds the meat itself. But if it buys the beef already ground, then medium is an uncooked as you can (legally) get. Or is it medium well?


Fans of raw meat rejoice.


So where can I get a "good steak" with a warm pink center?


Tell the server you would like it cooked to an internal temperature of 137.5 degrees. I like mine at 135, but I'm erring on the high side for you...


As the self proclaimed greatest steak cook ever, this link is correct.

Ed Cone

HRH, I was here last night.


Not sure where this web page gets it's temperatures Steven, but 130 is IN NO WAY rare for a steak. 115 is on the low side and 120-125 is the high side. If my steak goes over 125 I consider it into medium and wasted. This chart is much more accurate. If you cook your steak to 130 and expect it to be medium rare when you eat it, you'll be in for a surprise since beef (all meats actually) continue to rise in temp anywhere from 5-10 degrees in the minutes after cooking.


Liv, you can get a burger cooked medium rare, or however you prefer it, at Burger Spot on Battleground.


The people I don't get are the ones who order steaks and burgers "well done." Really? You like eating a hockey puck or a thick piece of tasteless jerky? I was a line cook one summer and ski season at two restaurants at Wintergreen in VA and was amazed at the amount of orders that came in from people wanting a well done Bison burger and well done filets. The bison burgers looked like a single briquette of charcoal after they'd had the life drained out of them, and its just poor taste and sacrilege to cook a filet beyond medium-rare.

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