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Jul 28, 2012


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Account Deleted

The entire thing was a bit disjointed and strange but I counted three Pink Floyd references in my cursory viewing of the ceremony (flying pig, into to Time, and Eclipse). Mr. Bean was a laugh.


The whole thing had lots of heart. Loved it.


As an admitted Anglophile, I enjoyed it, although I went off to sleep midway through the parade of athletes.

While China's ceremony was very much a "We're here, we're rich, we're important" PR jab at the rest of the world, this was a "This is us, luv" thing aimed at the locals and chocked with UK-specific cultural references.

Did you notice the queen wore the same dress to the ceremony as she did in the clip with Daniel Craig?

NBC's dumbed-down coverage, tho, reminded me why I cancelled cable last year and hardly watch TV at all any more. How nice of them to delay the cast until they could charge prime-time ad rates, and then show us an edited version on top of it. They should have done a deal with Apple and put the live show on iTunes at $3.99 per.


I couldn't tell if McCartney was choked up at the beginning of the song, or if he'd been poisoned as a result of using Bob Costas's hair dye.

It's OK to be 70, Sir Paul. (Likewise 60, Bob.)

Ian McDowell

I quite liked the ceremony and understood Danny Boyle's stated feeling that he couldn't top Beijing's on sheer theatrical spectacle and hence didn't try. Few things have given me as much silly pleasure as the sight of the Royal Corgis galloping (stumping?) after James Bond. Those dogs (apparently the real ones) seem like natural performers.

I disagree with the AV Club reviewer's dislike of the Parade of Nations, but agree with the stupidity of Costa's coverage and the annoying condescension he showed towards some sports and nations. And not just them, for the reviewer said: "Hey Bob Costas, even though Arctic Monkeys have what sounds to you like a funny name, they’re pretty much a straight-ahead rock band of the kind you liked when you were a young man, so there’s no reason to act so surprised that they could pull of a credible Beatles cover. But hey, I know where you’re coming from, man. You don’t trust anyone under 50." Plus, this was actually the better of the two Beatles covers (sorry, Sir Paul), so he should have just shut up and let us listen to it.

Also, this:

"NBC was at its best and worst during that segment too. Meredith Viera sang along with The Rolling Stones, which was kind of sweet and spontaneous. But she also explained that this whole piece of the ceremony was a tribute to Tim Berners-Lee, and added, “If you haven’t heard of him… we hadn’t either.” Few things irritate me more than when news and/or sports commentators try to be “jus’ plain folks” by boasting about what they don’t know. Either they’re lying, which is bad enough, or they genuinely don’t know, which is worse. Is it too much to expect some measure of expertise from the people deemed worthy of being on television?"

Ian McDowell

Seeing the Mary Poppinses defeat Voldemort was amusing. It makes me wonder if Boyle agrees with the notoriously cranky and eccentric Alan Moore, who in the most recent League of Extraordinary Gentlemen mini-series made his ultimate villain, the "Moonchild" prophesied by Aleister Crowley, a thinly-disguised Harry Potter, while holding up Mary Poppins as an example of British Pop Culture From Back When It Was Still Good (in an earlier issue, Moore also made James Bond a woman-abusing would-be rapist while presenting Steed and Mrs. Peel in a much more sympathetic light, suggesting he wouldn't have been amused by 007's appearance here).

My inner geek wants to see references to Doctor Who and Hammer Films in the closing ceremony, but I'm not holding my breath.

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