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Jul 29, 2012


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Bill Yaner

With their money they will surely find a scientist willing to conform to their politics. Money makes the world go 'round.


Settled science.


This outta do it, thanks Ed! ;-)

Ed Cone

And overnight, Muller has gone from hero to who?


Running the numbers? You mean like those discussed here?


"Is this a case of deliberate fraud by Warmist scientists hell bent on keeping their funding gravy train rolling? Well, after what we saw in Climategate anything is possible. (I mean it's not like NOAA is run by hard-left eco activists, is it?) But I think more likely it is a case of confirmation bias. The Warmists who comprise the climate scientist establishment spend so much time communicating with other warmists and so little time paying attention to the views of dissenting scientists such as Henrik Svensmark ā€“ or Fred Singer or Richard Lindzen or indeed Anthony Watts ā€“ that it simply hasn't occurred to them that their temperature records need adjusting downwards not upwards.

What Watts has conclusively demonstrated is that most of the weather stations in the US are so poorly sited that their temperature data is unreliable. Around 90 per cent have had their temperature readings skewed by the Urban Heat Island effect. While he has suspected this for some time what he has been unable to do until his latest, landmark paper (co-authored with Evan Jones of New York, Stephen McIntyre of Toronto, Canada, and Dr. John R. Christy from the Department of Atmospheric Science, University of Alabama, Huntsville) is to put precise figures on the degree of distortion involved."

All the hot air produced by the "global warming" cheerleaders has yet to produce ANY empirical evidence that even suggests their religion has any basis in reality.


A converted skeptic? Not really.

Plus: "The research examined recent global surface temperature trends. It did not examine ocean temperature data or the cause of warming on our climate, as some have claimed" - Tonya Mullins, Director of Communications, Charles Koch Foundation"

His paper hasn't been peer reviewed either.


Amazeing how easily sheep are led...

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