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Jul 29, 2012


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Imagine what would be going on in certain circles if the BBC or Sky or ITV replaced a memorial to the 911 victims with an insipid interview with a marginally coherent British athlete?

I dunno if we're as dumb as NBC thinks we are, or if we have become that dumb thanks to TV. In any case, it's a good reason not to watch TV, period.


I'm too lazy to look for myself, but has NBC issued a statement as to why they refused to broadcast the 7/7 memorial? I know that the bulk of Americans and Tea Party Republicans are arrogant and would probably say, "That's f'ed. What about a 9/11 memorial too?" Was it strictly about ad revenue or outrage from nativists like Michelle Bachmann and bubba?


They had to cut that segment. I mean, they had something far more important. Ryan Seacrest with a hard hitting interview.

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