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Jul 23, 2012


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I don't believe Pearl Harbor or 9/11 were a part of the plan but thankfully our military was ready to protect us from our enemies. Making sure they have the tools necessary to defend us is our responsibilty, atleast those of us who love America and the glorious freedoms that living in this great country provides.


How did our military defend us on 9/11?
Seems like we lost. And we're still screwing around after ten years.

Bill Bush

Sittinginthemiddle, there is a book called "At Dawn We Slept" that you might want to read re: Pearl Harbor. It is a fascinating read.


Yes, the US was woefully unprepared for Pearl Harbor. The first significant landing was N. Africa almost a year later. We spent the first 9 months getting lucky in the Pacific and waiting for new ships, planes, and recruits to come on line.

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