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Jul 09, 2012


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I'm looking forward to the DPAC Task Force's review of different operating approaches. The N&R article referenced that the $500,000 surplus (assumed) would go towards the overall budget of the Coliseum Complex. This bears watching because i'm not sure how people will feel about a DPAC subsidizing the Coliseum Complex. I fully understand the existing WMA is part of the Coliseum Complex, but one might say that a lesson learned is that the two really aren't a good match.

In fact, I would fully expect it to be a strong argument against the bond - that if Matt Brown operates the Coliseum in the red, what makes the City of Task Force think that a DPAC wouldn't also contribute to that, rather than compensate for it.

I thiink shooting for realistic, conservative numbers is a start - keeping in mind, they themselves, are only a guide and not a promise.


ready, fire, aim

Mad Dog

Bazinga, Kim.



And show your work. As I just wrote to N&R editor Jeff Gauger, predictions are meaningless without some context. In the case of the N&R, I was asking them, unsuccessfully, I fear, to consider evaluating and reporting the track record of the prognosticators they cite, not to just regurgitate their predictions. The organizations interested in seeing the PAC come to fruition can do a lot of good for their cause by showing us what data and assumptions underlie their predictions. "300,000 visitors annually, trust us," just doesn't carry water.


Agreed Roch. Information is a good thing.

It must be noted, I am currently completely undecided on this project. However, I will be solidly against if located at Coliseum. TOO MUCH STUFF THERE NOW.

PS: I was against the Amphitheater project too. Should have been in a more green space somewhere.


"The organizations interested in seeing the PAC come to fruition can do a lot of good for their cause by showing us what data and assumptions underlie their predictions."

Perhaps they don't make these things public because the data and assumptions belie the predictions and/or they're so farcical that they're embarrassing when scrutinized.

Alternately, perhaps they're just too arrogant to think there's an obligation to produce the information.

Ted Oliver

If you want to see the very detailed research and the credentials of the people who provided it, you can see it here http://gpac2012.com/task-force/committeescharge
There is a lot of it. If you want and informed opinion you may want to read it.

Billy Jones

Ted Oliver,
Indeed, there is opinion at the link you provided but informed? Most of it is speculative at best. Are you sure your name isn't Ron? He's usually here by now.

PS. We've all been reading that page for months-- since the first day Ross Harris twitted it. There are over 100 more pages of facts and opinions here-- perhaps you should bring yourself up to speed?


Billy, your hard on for Ron is getting really old. Almost as old as Ron's schtick.

Billy Jones

Sorry Mick, I have a thing about paid shills.


I think Ted Oliver is a real person.

Thanks for the link, Ted.


And I have a thing about blasting people who are trying to further the conversation by providing previosuly requested info.

I know Teddy O is a real person at least he was last week.

David Hoggard

Billy. You really need to tone it down. Ted Oliver is not a "paid shill".
Your accusations, guilt by association and non-stop innuendo of late is off-putting and ineffective.


Why not fix up the Carolina Theater?

The colored section is still intact is my understanding.

It really should be part of the Civil Rights Museum tour.

I hear if they replace the seats,
they could get 1800 total.

Pump the historical civil rights angle.

Bring in some pretty top names
who may want to perform in a venue with a history,
for 75% to 95% less money.

It could also bring our rather disfunctional race relations
into a newer, friendlier light.

BTW..., my kids were munchkins with Roy Carroll's
the year I played "Uncle Henry"
and a tree
and a winkie
and a jitterbug dancer
and a curtain and scene thing changer

If the side building could be taken out
and another truck pull up entrance created,
it could be a first class facility that may mean much more
than a brand new shiny hob nob venue.


"Most of it is speculative at best."

And non of it makes a case for the use of any type of public money.

I wish them luck in finding all the private funding they need to do this project.

Billy Jones

I never said Ted wasn't real, I simply inquired if by chance he was Ron because to date Ron is unusually AWOL. Ron is the one who I believe might not be real. Seems some of the rest of you have some reading comprehension problems.

Mick wrote: "And I have a thing about blasting people who are trying to further the conversation by providing previosuly requested info."

Nothing new was provided-- it's been there since May-- some longer.

It appears that several of you need to get down from your hobby horses and hook up the plows for a spell. You too, Hoggard. ;-)


Sorry, for the misunderstanding, Billy. Hooking up my plow now.

Billy Jones

Apology accepted, Roch, You'll feel better after having done several acres of honest work and your lands will be better for it. ;-)

David Hoggard

I plow daily, but I still think you are coming across as a dick lately. bubba and shitting no longer have a corner on that market. Still love you, though.

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